Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 4 Episode 24

Robert's Divorce

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 22, 2000 on CBS
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Episode Summary

While out for a family dinner, the Barones spot Robert's ex-wife, which prompts them to reminisce about the demise of his marriage. The family tells Amy the truth about Robert's failed marriage to Joanne, but the surprise sighting also brings back some personally harrowing memories for Robert—although, when Joanne suggests the ex-spouses get together, Robert seems interested.moreless

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  • Divorce

    We learn how Robert and Joann divorced originally in a very special episode. This episode has a lot of great humor that really showed how much the family hated Joann, and it is very clear why. She treated them all like crap, and they didn't hide their opinions of her.

    This was a very special episode and it is really good. Near the end of the episode, Joann and Robert meet each other again, and Joann gives him her number, in case he ever wants to get in contact with her again. When nobody sees, he takes the number, indicating he plans on calling hermoreless
  • Now we know why robert acts the way he does.

    we finaly got to meet Joanne. roberts ex.

    1. it was funny to see marie lose it!!!!

    2. marie never interferred with roberts life untill the devoice. "go....live your life" she said.(like she doesn't care).

    3. not that bad an episode. you really see that marie acts the way she does....out of love.

    4. the part where Joanne called marie a bitch was very funny.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • According to this episode, Marie was not annoying or interfering until Robert's divorce. This is not true however. In "Ally's Birth" and "The First Time," Marie is just as interfering as always.

    • In "Why Are We Here?" Robert says Joanne divorced him because she caught him having fun without her.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Joanne : (sees Robert on the couch) What are you doing? What are you doing? You're supposed to be studying for your sergeant's exam! How are we ever gonna afford anything nice if this is how you study?!
      Robert: I'm taking a cartoon break and eating a banana!
      Joanne: Well, that's great! You're gonna put it off till the last minute and then guess what? You'll be watching cartoons full time and coming to me for banana money!

    • (Joanne insults Ray)
      Robert: I want you to apologize.
      Joanne: Apologize for what?
      Robert: For what you just said to him and for all the other mean things you've said about him.
      Ray: She says mean things about me?
      Robert: Oh yeah. She's nice to your face, but as soon as you leave she says that when you talk, you sound like a wounded cow. Or when you run, it looks like you're trying to hold a pencil between your cheeks.

    • Marie: (in flashback, to Robert about his ex-wife) You knew she was a showgirl? Raymond, I hope you're not keeping a secret like this about Debra.
      Ray: You mean Peppermint?

    • (Ray is looking out the window after Joanne left)
      Robert: Is she still there?
      Ray: No, and what's scary is that I think I just saw a bat fly away.

    • Debra: You know I think it's great we moved across the street from your parents.
      Ray: You're just strolling down the railroad tracks and you don't hear the, 'wooh wooh'!

    • Robert: (About his ex-wife) Biggest mistake of my life.
      Frank: It could be worse, Robert. (Hugs Marie.) Some mistakes last 43 years.

    • Joanne: No, no, that's okay. You can put your feet on our furniture. Until Robert gets a raise we are blessed with your parents' old stuff. If you get really close you can still smell Frank's feet.

    • Ray: It was right around the time we moved across the street from my parents, right?
      Debra: I don't know, I've blocked that out.

    • Robert: I'm hairy, I'm smelly, I'm kinda like an animal.

    • Debra: It's just that with you, Joanne can be sort of, not nice, and I just think that... Robert, stop looking at my breasts.
      Robert: I'm sorry.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Frank says about Robert's ex-wife, "I almost didn't recognize her without her broomstick and flying monkeys," referring to actress Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch of the West from, The Wizard of Oz.