Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 7 Episode 24

Robert's Wedding

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 19, 2003 on CBS

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  • Jungle love... it's driving me wild...

    This episode really didn't do anything for me. Besides that funny quote from Marie about never wanting to interfere, this episode is pretty bland.

    It's good to see Robert get married again, and the look on Amy's face when Marie stands up to talk is priceless. Ray's little stand up act at the reception is pretty boring though. I have admit, the first dance of the happy couple did crack me up though.

    All in all, this a pretty average and unfunny episode. Eventful, yes. But not much more. Nothing near the quality of the first season, in my unwarranted opinion.
  • A VERY funny episode, and good season finale

    This episode marked the 7th season finale, with Robert and Amy's wedding. It starts off with Robert and Amy in the middle of the ceremony, when Marie classically stands up and interrupts the ceremony, just making sure that Robert and Amy were marrying for love, not just because Marie had pushed them into it. Robert and Amy are horrified, but go through the ceremony anyway. At the reception, everyone is a little uncomfortable, and Frank starts fighting with Hank, Amy's father, about having to pay for beer, which is hilarious, while Marie is horrified at the buffet. Ray then gets up to make a toast, which loosens everyone up since it is funny. Then finally, Amy and Robert have their first dance as husband and wife in which they dance to "Jungle Love," Which is also the song they danced to in "Snow Day" and at the policeman's ball. I thought this episode was one of my favorites, because it was a classic ELR wedding, with many great moments. Amy's look when Marie stood up was great, and so was Marie's interrupting the ceremony. I loved this episode, and if you haven't seen it yet you should soon, because it is great.