Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 7 Episode 24

Robert's Wedding

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 19, 2003 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • According to Ray's toast, Marie grabbed his leg and said "Don't go!" at his wedding. But in the episode The Wedding (2), Marie never did that.
      Response: Ray was most likely just overexaggerating with this for effect with his toast. Even though Marie didn't actually grab his leg, it's anyone's guess how she felt about her baby getting married.

  • Quotes

    • Ray: (during his toast at the wedding) I think you're gonna remember about today what you want to remember. Like, at my wedding, I remember it as the day I got to kiss the most beautiful woman in the world. And I hope that's how she remembers it too, as a good day. The start of a lot of good memories. We completely blocked out the part where Ma was holding onto my leg yelling, "Don't go! Don't go!"

    • Debra: You're dancing with me today, jerk wad.
      Ray: Aw, you haven't called me that since our wedding.

    • Ray: Amy knew what she was getting when she married into this family, and that's why I got her a gift I knew she could use: cyanide.

    • Debra: (she and the kids come into the bedroom, where Ray is still dressing) Here they are! Aren't they beau--RAY! I left you up here an hour ago! I showered, did my hair, got the kids up, got them ready--kids, go downstairs, Mommy's yelling.

    • Ray: Amy knew what she was getting when she married into this family. She's not just getting a husband, she's getting an entire mental hospital.

    • Robert: Just hurry it up, man, okay? This is the most important day of my life!
      Ray: That's what you said at your last wedding.
      Robert: What's that, a smart remark? Yeah? You bringing up my first marriage, Raymond? On this day?
      Ray: No, Robert, I didn't mean--
      Robert: Do not mess with me today.
      Ray: But I--

    • Ray: (doing his toast) So here's to my brother Robert, and the best thing that ever happened to him, my new sister Amy.

    • Marie: (in response to her speech in the Church for Amy and Robert) I was doing it for them!
      Pat: No, Marie. I think you were doing it for you. You were so worried about what you needed to express that you weren't considering the feelings of everyone else, including your son. I believe that's called narcissism.

    • Marie: You know I never like to interfere.

    • Frank: I am the father of the gigantic groom! And I demand beer now! Beer now! Beer now! Beer now!
      Marie: Who do you think helped drive that hussy out of your house? (to Amy) Not that would ever happen to you, dear.

    • Marie: I just want to make sure that you two are marrying today for love, and only for love. Because that is the only way a marriage can stay together. Isn't that right Frank?
      Frank: I don't know who you are, lady.

    • Robert: (angry) The elementary school play; you tried to put different pants on me.
      Marie: You got yours dirty. Any mother would have done the same.
      Robert: (yelling) Not while I was on stage!

    • Frank: And the broad's family is supposed to pay for the wedding and it is to be a full bar, free of charge with top shelf hooch. Read your Bibles!
      Robert: I must have missed that passage.

    • Robert: (referring to Peter) That guy has squirrels juggling knives in his head.

    • (Marie is in the middle of interrupting the ceremony.)
      Amy: (to Debra, about Marie) Did she do this to you?
      Debra: Honey, this is only the beginning.

    • Ray: (after Pat tells Marie off once and for all) No one has ever said that to her before! You're cool!

    • Robert: This is my wedding day, and I'm in no mood for fun!
      Raymond: Then you're gonna love marriage.

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