Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 2

CBS (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • The Wedding (2)
    Episode 25
    While the Barones prepare for a friend's wedding, Ray kiddingly asks Debra, "Why did you marry me?" When she hesitates, he flashes back to the not-so-magical night ten years before when he popped the big question.
  • The Wedding (1)
    Episode 24
    After Raymond asks Debra why she ever married him, they take a walk back in time—to the very beginning of it all.
  • The Garage Sale
    Episode 23
    As the entire family prepares for "Honest Frank's Yard of Bargains," Ray is surprised to see Debra unloading their cribs and baby clothing for the sale and even more surprised to hear that she just assumed they were finished having children.
  • Six Feet Under
    Episode 22
    When six-foot-tall Raymond discovers that he's shrunk a quarter of an inch, the resultant midlife crisis grows until he decides to make a list of his dreams and goals in life. Meanwhile, Marie gets mad at Frank when she discovers that he sold half of their burial plot for a profit.moreless
  • Traffic School
    Episode 21
    Robert proves to be a crashing bore when it comes to teaching traffic school, so he decides to practice his presentation on the family-which drives them crazy. In an attempt to lighten things up, he puts in an assist-officer call to "Traffic Cop Timmy," a puppet dressed as a policeman.
  • T-Ball
    Episode 20
    Debra brings an "unapproved snack" to Ally's T-ball game and Ray doesn't stand up for her—prominently displaying his fear of being disliked.
  • Good Girls
    Episode 19
    Debra discovers that Marie likes Robert's girlfriend, Amy, better than her because Amy is a virgin. Jealous of the attention Amy is receiving from Marie, Raymond minimizes Debra's premarital activities, leading his mother to believe that Debra was a "good girl," too.
  • The Family Bed
    Episode 18
    Imagining scary monsters in her room sends Ally scurrying nightly to the safety of her parents' bed, so sleep-deprived Ray decides it's time to call in an expert—his mother.
  • The Ride-Along
    Episode 17
    Raymond decides to spend a shift accompanying his brother Robert on routine patrol. Initially, spending a shift in the back of Robert's patrol car bores Raymond and he wonders why he even bothered putting on the bullet-proof vest, but his boredom quickly turns to terror during a chance visit to Nemo's restaurant that puts them in the middle of a hold-up.moreless
  • The Checkbook
    Episode 16
    When Raymond takes over the family checkbook to prove to Debra how "easy it can be" to balance it, he discovers he's no accountant.
  • Marie's Meatballs
    Episode 15
    When Raymond chooses his mother's spaghetti and meatballs over his wife's lemon chicken for dinner, Debra blows a gasket. With good intentions, Ray asks Marie to teach Debra how to make her world-famous dish.
  • Mia Famiglia
    Episode 14
    When Ally has to do a school project on genealogy and interview her oldest living relative, Ray helps her track down Frank's long-lost Aunt Sarina, who lives in Italy. The unmarried Sarina has taken "stop by if you're ever in America" a little too literally and shows up at the front door. Her American family instantly adores her for her way with pizza and old world charm. Ray, as always, suspects it's too good to be true.moreless
  • Civil War
    Episode 13
    Feeling left out when he thinks that his father selectively asked his brother to join a Civil War re-enactment, Ray voluntarily enlists for the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • 12/15/97
    All Ray wants for Christmas is a little loving from his wife and he's willing to try anything and everything to have his holiday wish come true.
  • The Letter
    Episode 11
    When Marie crashes and ruins her Tupperware party, Debra decides that she's had just about enough of her mother-in-law's constant interference. She takes pen to paper and writes a letter to her mother-in-law, telling her to stop intruding into her life. Horrified by the problems that this letter might trigger, Ray does everything in his power to intercept the offending document.moreless
  • High School
    Episode 10
    Ray makes a startling discovery when he takes Debra to his 20th high school reunion. It turns out that Debra's one of them—the cool people who hated him and used to throw him into the girls' bathroom! Depressed about being unmasked as a "nerd," Ray tries to deal with their mixed marriage.moreless
  • The Gift
    Episode 9
    Ray, feeling guilty about only getting his dad a card for his 65th birthday, makes up for it by buying him a fancy and expensive aquarium just like the one he always admired in the Chinese restaurant. At first Frank adores the gift, but after one of the fish dies, he starts to hate it.moreless
  • 11/10/97
    Sick of reading Ally the same stories night after night, Debra decides to try her hand at writing a children's book. Feeling great about doing something other than being a mom, she invites Raymond to write the story with her—and quickly regrets doing so.
  • Working Late Again
    Episode 7
    After Debra reads a newspaper article about people who enjoy being at work more than being at home, she hopes to convince Ray to set up an office in their house.
  • Anniversary
    Episode 6
    At a big surprise party for Frank and Marie's 40th wedding anniversary, Raymond is shocked to learn that his parents were once separated for a year and might have gotten divorced if Frank hadn't returned home to help with Ray's broken arm. After the initial shock wears off, Ray starts to wonder if it's his fault that his parents are still together... and miserable.moreless
  • Golf
    Episode 5
    Ray's love of the links is in jeopardy after he tricks Debra into letting him play golf, and his guilty conscience translated into a big bogey. Marie gives Debra marital advice, much to Debra's dismay.
  • Mozart
    Episode 4
    Ray resumes his interest in the piano to teach Ally a lesson about quitting when she refuses to continue with her lessons. But it's Marie who orchestrates an even more valuable lesson when she strikes a sentimental chord from Ray's past.
  • Brother
    Episode 3
    At the urging of his parents and Debra, Raymond reluctantly takes Robert for a night out on the anniversary of Robert's divorce. The brothers begin a newfound bonding experience until Robert wants to get in touch with Ray's feelings.
  • Father Knows Least
    Episode 2
    Ray gets to use the "active listening technique" he and Debra learned in parenting class on his parents when their stubbornness goes too far. Ray doesn't realize how much he's mastered the technique learned in class until he uses his skills first on his parents and then on Ally, both with surprising results.moreless
  • Ray's on TV
    Episode 1
    Ray is devastated when he discovers his family lied to him about his performance during his TV debut on a sports chat show. When he gets a second chance to appear on the show, his family decides it's time they gave him some pointers on how to correct his awkwardness with certain words.moreless