Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 3

CBS (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • How They Met
    Episode 26
    Ray and Debra reminisce about their fateful first meeting 15 years before. Memories flood back when Ray and Debra prepare Ally for her first playdate with a little boy. The first time Ray and Debra laid eyes on each other, their first kiss, the first time Marie met her future daughter-in-law and what she thought of her, and the first time Ray sampled Debra's cooking are all revealed.moreless
  • Robert Moves Back
    Episode 25
    When Robert and Amy get caught alone by some of Robert's fellow apartment tenants, they are desperate to find someplace where they can have some time to themselves. Ray comes to the rescue, at Debra's urging, by allowing Robert to move into their basement for a while, where they soon find themselves in an even more mortifying position.moreless
  • Dancing with Debra
    Episode 24
    After Ray urges Debra to go swing dancing with Robert to let himself off the hook, he can't believe how infatuated the two become with their new hobby and it's starting to tick him off. Meanwhile, Ray sees a side of Marie that he never fully expected.
  • Be Nice
    Episode 23
    When Ray and Debra realize they're nicer to strangers than to each other, they vow to each other to work on changing their ways.
  • Working Girl
    Episode 22
    When Debra gets a job, Ray isn't happy because now he has to help around the house. But when Debra gets fired on her first day, Ray tries to get her job back.
  • The Getaway
    Episode 21
    Debra and Ray feel tremendous pressure to show each other a good time on a romantic weekend getaway in Vermont, and from the moment they set foot in the quaint bed and breakfast, it's apparent that Debra and Ray are trying a bit too hard for this to be a perfect weekend. Meanwhile, Marie spies on Robert, who is left to babysit for the kids.moreless
  • Move Over
    Episode 20
    When Ray confides to Debra that her constant need to cuddle and "be on top of him" when they are sleeping is causing him too many sleepless nights, Debra is more than happy to comply with his request to give him his space in bed. Now, Ray is learning the hard way that you have to be careful what you wish for!moreless
  • Big Shots
    Episode 19
    Trying to impress Robert when they visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Ray uses his "weight" as a sports writer for Newsday to jump to the front of the line to meet the stars of the 1969 New York Mets.
  • Ray Home Alone
    Episode 18
    Debra brings the kids to her parents' house, and Ray stays home alone, which he's scared to do.
  • Cruising with Marie
    Episode 17
    Frank fakes an injury so he won't have to go on a cruise with Marie. Since the tickets are non-refundable, Ray goes in his place, and to his utter dismay, gets mistaken for Marie's lover.
  • Frank's Tribute
    Episode 16
    When Frank wins "Man of the Year" at his lodge Ray and Robert are asked to make a video tribute about Frank. However, while making the video, they come to realize none of his lodge buddies like him.
  • Robert's Date
    Episode 15
    When Robert's entire demeanor changes when he starts clubbing with his patrol partner, Judy, and her black friends, Ray and the rest of the family find it hard to believe the extent to which Robert will go to fit in with his new friends.
  • Pants On Fire
    Episode 14
    Marie starts to favor Robert when Ray admits to having a party 20 years ago. The tables turn, however, when Robert tells her it was his party, not Ray's.
  • Ping Pong
    Episode 13
    When Ray finds out that his father let him win a game of Ping-Pong when he was twelve, he challenges him to a game.
  • The Toaster
    Episode 12
    Ray is overjoyed by the reaction he is getting from friends and family who received a personalized "Barone" toaster from him as a gift--even Debra's pretentious parents are thrilled with it. But, having heard nothing from his parents, Ray confronts Frank and Marie, the two people whose approval matters most, and is amazed beyond belief to hear what they did with the gift--and then what they resort to in order to get it back.moreless
  • The Apartment
    Episode 11
    Ray feels jealous of Robert when he visits his new apartment and sees that it's filled with beautiful women. Also, Frank turns Robert's old room into a lounge.
  • No Fat
    Episode 10
    When Marie and Frank get some test results back they find out that they're not as healthy as they thought, prompting Marie to throw out all the unhealthy food, make Frank go on a diet with her, and subject the family to a tofu Thanksgiving turkey.
  • The Lone Barone
    Episode 9
    When Robert and Amy break up, Raymond is blamed by everyone because of some bad things he told Robert about marriage.
  • The Article
    Episode 8
    Ray is jealous of Andy, whose article is published by Sports Illustrated. He feels better however, when he learns they had rewritten the article.
  • Moving Out
    Episode 7
    Feeling pathetic because he lives with his parents, Robert finally musters up the courage to move out on his own—and into an apartment owned by a couple very much like Frank and Marie.
  • Halloween Candy
    Episode 6
    Ray's purchase of a colored condom variety pack goes awry when Frank mistakes them for chocolate coins and gives them out for Halloween.
  • The Visit
    Episode 5
    Debra's highly anticipated week of "quality time" with her mom, Lois, and the family quickly turns into a big disappointment when her mother seems more interested in the Renoir exhibit and her crossword puzzles than in Debra, Ray, and the children.
  • Getting Even
    Episode 4
    After embarrassing Debra at an auction she vows to get even with Ray but doesn't tell him when. This drives him crazy and leads him to believe that everything she does is to get even at him.
  • The Sitter
    Episode 3
    Debra decides to hire a babysitter so she hires Lisa, who is both highly recommended and very popular with the kids she baby-sits, and ends up insulting Marie in the process.
  • Driving Frank
    Episode 2
    After Frank has one accident too many, Debra decides that the kids can't ride with him anymore, which makes Raymond realize that his dad is getting older.
  • The Invasion
    Episode 1
    When Ray and Debra's house is tented for termites, they move the entire family into his parents' house and give Frank and Marie a taste of their own medicine.