Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 7 Episode 9

She's the One

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 18, 2002 on CBS
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Robert think he has finally found "the one"—Angela, an international-trade lawyer who's bright, speaks four languages, clearly loves Robert, and seems too good to be true. When Ray sees her do something that would burst the bubble, he has a hard time getting anyone to believe him.


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  • Robert Meets the Frog Lady of Massapequa

    Of the 209 individual episodes of ELR, this is one of the 44 that I believe have put this show into a category of its own.

    I am not surprised that Ray Romano and Phil Rosenthal are the writers of this brilliant comedy based on the over-the-top concept of Robert dating a beautiful, accomplished woman who also happens to eat flies and keeps hundreds of frogs in her bedroom. Where would these guys get such an idea? Not only was the idea strikingly original, its implementation within the Barone clan plays out perfectly.

    Robert brings his new girlfriend, Angela, to Ray and Debra’s for diner. She impresses everyone and Robert thinks she may be “the one.” Debra is embarrassed when a fly buzzes over the table as dessert and coffee are served. Angela kills the fly and tucks it in her napkin. When she thinks no one is looking she pops the fly in her mouth and washes it down with a sip of wine. But Ray saw her from the kitchen and is paralyzed with shock as Debra and Robert bustle around him. Finally he tells them, “She’s not the one.” When he describes what he saw Robert and Debra cannot believe it, thinking it a perverse trick to sabotage a promising relationship out of jealousy. All Ray can do is desperately repeat, “but she ATE THE FLY!” Frank and Marie stop by (as they usually do) and are also impressed by Robert’s date. After Robert and Angela leave, Ray tells them about the fly. Marie would believe this only if it was a reflection and Debra’s cooking, but otherwise is not convinced.

    At Angela’s apartment, she and Robert kiss. Robert shakes off the notion of a strange taste. Angela goes off to slip into something more comfortable, inviting Robert to wait in her bedroom. As he steps in the room he confronts the horrible reality of Angela’s secret side: There are frogs in glass boxes everywhere! A huge picture of a frog hangs over her bed. He opens a closet door only to find more frogs. He is so horrified he decides to escape through a window. Angela comes in just before he disappears and reminds him “we all come from frogs.”

    Robert returns to Ray’s soaking wet from the rain. “Ray was right,” he says, “She’s the frog lady of Massapequa.” He is miserable. Marie commiserates with him, asking him again about the possibility of his being gay.

    For all the hilarity of this episode, it is also an important landmark in the story of Robert and Amy. In the epilog sequence, Robert goes to a bar to drown his sorrows and accidentally trips a waiter carrying drinks, which spill all over a woman at a nearby table. As the audience realizes that the woman is Amy, their reaction of surprise then approval signal this is surely an omen for the two getting back together. And indeed, after this episode six of the remaining 15 episodes of the seventh season have to do with Amy and Robert’s engagement with the wedding as the season finale.moreless
  • Uh Hi, I'd like some flies with that

    Robert meets the perfect girl, named Angela- or at least she seems like that until Ray catches her eating a dead fly. Of course, when telling Debra and Robert they do not believe him. But later, at Angela's house, Robert learns that she has a lot of frog-like things in her house, and Robert learns that she really did eat the fly. He runs away from her, and at home, nobody believes his story, and so Marie thinks he is gay He thinks there is really no one on Earth who is his other half.

    This is a really funny, powerful episode, that shows Robert his perfect woman- Amy.moreless
  • Robert finally meets someone who he thinks is the one, but all that changes when he goes to her apartment and finds out she's an over obsessed frog lover, it drives Robert crazy enough to jump out the window.moreless

    And I thought the episode when Rpbert pretends to be Ray was funny but this takes the cake. After sseing how Funny Ray was being when he told them that Angela ate the fly, and at the apartment where Robert finds al those pet frogs she keeps in her own bedroom, I would jump out the window to if I fell for someone who is overly obsessed with something like frogs. So that's why I find out everything about a woman before I decide on asking her to be mine. Becuase one wrong move and you'd be stuck with a sideshow freak.moreless
  • She's the One - The premise of the show is that Robert has actually met "The One". Robert introduces his girlfriend to Ray and Debra and they think she's great until Ray sees her do something that lets him believe that she isn't the one but know one beliemoreless

    The funniest episode of this show!!! The writing and acting are brillant. To when Robert's date eats a fly, and Ray sees her; to when Robert is in her bedroom and is surrounded by frogs; to Marie and the now famous line "I am queer and now I am here". And it sets up nicely at the end for Robert and when he actually meets the one!!!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Ray sees Angela eat the fly, he holds the same shocked facial expression for a long period of time. Ray Romano has often said that he was left feeling lightheaded from doing that for so long. Then, when he yells to Robert and Debra, "SHE ATE IT!" look closely. He looks as if he's about to fall over and faint, and Romano attested to that in later interviews.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Marie: Your father made a scene and we were escorted out of the casino.
      Frank: Two buckets of nickels and not one payout.
      Marie: That doesn't give you the right to throw a roast beef sandwich at the machine.

    • Ray: Angela ate the fly!
      Debra: What?
      Ray: The fly that was flying around the room. Angela killed it. She put it a napkin, and then SHE ATE IT!!!!

    • Robert: I wish I had a good reason for always striking out, but I don't. It's just me. It's me. Most people find their other half, and I just need to wake up and realize that maybe there is no other half for this.

    • Marie: (to Robert) Do you want to die alone?
      Frank: Yes!

    • Angela: You know, Robert, we all come from frogs.
      Robert: Interesting. Good night.

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