Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 9 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 18, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • We see Amy eating cookie dough straight without making the cookies. She mentioned that she often does this in her first appearance on the show, in season one's episode "Who's Handsome?"

    • At the end when Ray and Amy are sitting on the couch talking and Robert and Debra get mad Robert storms out and when he goes outside he can see that its light outside but then Debra gets up and says she's been sitting there all night, too.

  • Quotes

    • Raymond: Oh, ma, look, a bear in pants.
      Marie: Yes, your brother is quite hairy.

    • Robert: Oh, Amy, Ma wanted me to remind you that you are making the spinach salad for tomorrow?
      Amy: Oh, darn. I guess I should get going.
      Ray: Yeah, dammit!
      Amy: OK, bye Yogi. (As she is exciting) And Ray, I'll see you at fondue!

    • Amy: (to Ray) I know Frank better than I know you. I feel closer to him now.
      Ray: Well don't get too close. We lost a canary once.

    • Ray: We better get in there. Dad's probably got the fondue pot on his head like Winnie-the-Pooh.

    • Robert: Wait a minute. Raymond insults you, then you get mad at me, then you apologize to Ray! What are you talking lessons from my mom? (Looks over at Marie) Whom I love!

    • Amy: Ray is kind of...jerky.
      Robert: I love you so much.

    • Ray: Come on and stay. If you want to say something bad about my wife, I don't care. Say it. She's mean, and she can't cook. (turns around and realizes Debra is standing behind him) And you may think that Robert, but you're dead wrong. Debra is a caring, loving, skinny person.

    • Robert: Did you tell him about my pedicures?
      Amy: No.
      Robert: *gasp*
      Ray: (going into the living room) Robert paints his feet like a lady!
      Frank: Holy crap!

    • Amy: I want to be close to everyone in this family.
      Ray: Why?

    • Amy: (to Robert) Last night you made it perfectly clear that you think I talk too much.
      Ray: (disgusted) Ohh, dude.

    • Amy: I should've realized guys just want to watch TV and be left alone.
      Frank: Amy, will you marry me?

    • Amy: Come to think of it, he did excuse himself to go to the bathroom 5 times. I thought he had a tummy problem.
      Robert: It wasn't his tummy. He has no soul!

    • Robert: Are you saying that Amy talks too much?
      Ray: (hesitant) No, Robert, I love her.
      Robert: Wow, are you a liar.

    • Amy: Are you excited for "fondue date night"?
      Ray: What? What-what-what?

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