Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 6 Episode 14

Snow Day

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 14, 2002 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Held captive at Frank and Marie's during a snowstorm, Debra, Ray and Amy actually find themselves having a great time. The light mood is soon halted, however, when Debra unintentionally insults Frank. This causes Marie to defend her husband and finally reveal her true feelings for Debra.moreless

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  • One of Their Top Shows

    Of the 209 individual episodes of ELR, this is one of the 44 that I believe have put this show into a category of its own. For some reason its creators called it “Snow Day,” even though the entire action is at night. I would have called it “Snowbound.”

    Ray and Debra’s vacation is postponed when a heavy snowstorm closes the airport and, to add insult to injury, takes out the power. They, with Amy, take refuge at Marie and Frank’s where there is a cozy fire, candlelight, and a generous buffet put out by Marie. Robert is there too, making for an awkward situation as he is still on the outs with Amy. There is music and dancing, with Frank demonstrating surprising skill. Amy thinks it makes Frank “sexy” and Debra confesses that she never thought she would enjoy it. It is more of a thoughtless remark than a nasty one, but Frank takes offense and walks out. This sets the stage for Marie’s observation that Debra thinks she is better than everybody else, an allegation hotly contested by Debra until Ray launches into a rum-punch enhanced monologue to prove otherwise. Character by character he hammers home his points until it is obvious to everyone, including Debra, that she is better than everybody else. Marie gleefully concludes, “And now we know,” while tipsy Ray concurs with “and now we sit.” Debra goes out to apologize to Frank who tops off the show with his feelings that he and Debra are the sane ones in a family full of loonies; this from one of the chief loonies.

    The epilog segment is a delightful tableau of the two younger couples dancing to Monkey Love while Frank and Marie await their turn. In this episode writer Kathy Ann Stumpe has captured the essential chemistry of these six key characters and has given us a warm and entertaining half hour of comedy.moreless
  • This is when Everybody Loves Raymond was at it's best.

    This episode shows exactly why I loved this show. Snow Day really showed the characters as they were meant to be. I love how everything is going great, makes the Barone's seem like a normal family, but you know it can't last. This time its Debra that makes the comment to Frank and sets off the fun. To me this was when Everybody Loves Raymond was at it's best, laugh out loud funny. Something desperately missing in the sitcoms today.

    I think everybody can see some similarity between the Barone's and their own family. This was a show that you could relate to. I miss this show when I see episodes like this.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Marie mentions in this episode that Robert never attended college, but how is that possible if he is a New York cop?

    • The adults all dance to "Jungle Love" at the end of the episode. This is the very same music used in the opening credits for the following year, which was Season 7.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Ray: (when Debra and Marie start arguing) Come on, guys, don't make a thing, all right? Just cut to the hugging and kissing, and have a sandwich!

    • Ray: She was just suprised at how different he was acting. He was all nice and...
      Amy: Kinda sexy.
      (adults look at her like she's insane)
      I dont know anymore.

    • Debra: That's all you're taking?
      Raymond: What? All I need is my golf clothes and the rest of the time I will be naked and let your eyes enjoy the party.

    • Debra: Marie, I said something to Frank that was stupid, but that doesn't mean I think I'm better than you guys!
      Marie: Methinks thou doth pro--
      Debra: Oh, do not say "Methinks thou doth protest too much!"
      Marie: All right, I won't say it...but methinks it!

    • Frank: I guess I got mad because I always thought it was you and me against the rest of them.
      Debra: What?
      Frank: Yeah, because you know, we aren't like them.
      Debra: Oh...yeah, I guess...
      Frank: No, trust me, we're not like them. They're loonies!

    • Marie: (as Ray is describing everyone in the family) Do me, Raymond!
      Ray: You! Where do I even begin with you? Judgmental. Childish. Meddlesome. A world class buttinsky!

    • Marie: (to Debra) It's all right, dear, we understand. You grew up in a higher class family. You went to private school, a fancy college...but that's not us. I mean, Robbie didn't even go to college.
      Robert: I always enjoy when we can bring that one up out of the blue!

    • Marie: Frank is disgusting.
      Amy: I thought he was sexy, so I've got my own problems!

    • Ray: (to Debra) You don't think you're better than my father? You think that Frank Barone, a well-known babboon's ass, is your equal?

    • Ray: Trust me, Robert's weird! He doesn't like to go out to eat because he has a fear of busboys. He can't hold dollar bills facing each other because it would be like they're kissing.
      Debra: That's just quirky.
      Ray: Quirky? No, get this. He even separates his Good and Plenty's. Tell her, Robert, how does it go again?
      Robert: The pinks are the goods, and the whites are the plentys, because there are more of them...and they're not as good. Then there's a third category of irregulars.
      Ray: And those are called what?
      Robert: Cuties.
      Ray: I rest my case!

    • Debra: (on the phone with Ally, who is with Debra's parents) Now be good for Grandma and Grandpa, okay?
      Ray: Yeah, or else we'll send you back to the other grandma and grandpa!
      Debra: No, no, honey, he was kidding. Don't worry, he's kidding!

    • (Ray, Debra, Robert, and Amy are all dancing to "Jungle Love." Marie and Frank are sitting on the couch)
      Marie: This is dancing?
      Frank: They'll wear themselves out, then the floor is all ours.

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    The Carmichael Show President Trump
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    American Ninja Warrior