Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 6 Episode 19

Talk to Your Daughter

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 18, 2002 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Armed with research and much preparation, Ray is ready to speak with Ally about the facts of life only to find that Ally's interest has changed from where babies come from to the meaning of life. Totally unprepared for this line of questioning, a baffled Ray gets unsolicited advice from his family on how to answer.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • I dont really care about ally. Not in the slightest, the episode was based around ray and debra trying to find an answer to her question "what is the meaning of life" or something like that. I thought it was quite lame. i need to type 8 more words .moreless

    Ray was sitting in the living room with his friends and he called debra "blubber head" in a high pitch voice and she smiled and walked away.. his friends said they couldnt believe it and Ray bet he could call her anything in that tone of voice and she would be none the wiser. So they came up with a name to call her again, this time "Fat Legs". He called her that and she didnt even notice. Next name was "Smelly Tramp". Rays friends discourage the idea, and sure enough this time she notices, and busts his ass. SOOOOOOOOOO funny.moreless
  • A great episode in one of my favorite seasons of Raymond.

    I love that this show goes back to previous jokes, such as Debra's lack of cooking skills, but it doesn't over-do them or kill them like the overuse of Sheldon's knock nowadays on The Big Bang Theory.

    But this episode was hilarious for many reasons. Some of the stand outs were Brad Garrett's God voice and all of Peter Boyle's one liners, mostly directed towards Robert's lack of a love life. I love that an episode of a sitcom like this can revolve around the line "God made us smart emough to know that there's an answer, but not smart enough to figure it out?"

    A great episode for a great show. Thanks for posing that question, Ally.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • At the end of the episode, Ray and Debra watch from the doorway as their kids play. At one point, the twins tackle Ally to the ground, to which she says "Get off of me!" and dissolves into a fit of laughter. Then the camera points to Ray and Debra for about 15 seconds as their children continue with their roughhousing. After a while, Ray puts his arm around Debra, and just at that moment, we hear Ally yelling "Get off of me!" and laughing hysterically, the dialogue duplicated.

    • Ray and Robert claim that Frank never gave them the sex talk. In "The Ball", however, Ray is rather annoyed that his parents told him the truth about Santa Claus only when he was 14, because Frank wanted to cover sex and Santa at the same time.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Ray: I don't just have a switch that can make me smart.
      Debra: No kidding.

    • Frank: Let me tell you about life.
      Ray: Great. We're gonna hear the meaning of life from a man who once threw his shoe at a swan.
      Frank: That's called "Protecting your sandwich".

    • Ray: What, you don't think I can do it? I'll do it, I'll have the sex talk with her.
      Debra: I'll tell you what, Ray. You can be there, and I'll explain it to the both of you.

    • Marie: See, Frank, that's your problem: you are so close-minded!
      Frank: You know what your problem is? You are so open-mouth!

    • Frank: Let her talk to me, I'll set her straight! Enough with all your nonsense.
      Debra: Nonsense?! Frank, haven't you ever heard that the unexamined life is not worth living?
      Frank: Hey, you know what? (he pretends to fall asleep and starts snoring)

    • Robert: You know, I've spent many hours lying in bed thinking about this kind of stuff: Why we are here in the first place?
      Frank: You need to find yourself a braud, and pronto!
      Robert: Where are we in the big scheme of things?
      Frank: Doesn't have to be a pretty one! Just grab something!

    • Robert: Never mind the cannolis, Mama! Take this bible and tell me that you don't spend more money on Raymond's Christmas gifts than mine.
      Marie: This is ridiculous!
      Robert: 5th grade! (points to Raymond) Bike, (points to himself) slippers! Tell the truth!!
      Marie: Those slippers were very expensive, Robbie!
      Robert: TAKE THE BOOK!!!

    • Debra: Who was the one that made little Geoffrey cry on Christmas because Daddy had to throw the toy airplane before anyone else?
      Ray: It took two hours to build the thing. I can't get one throw?

    • Marie: I made six cannolis, but Frank ate two of them.
      Frank: No I didn't.
      Maire: Well I guess two of these had wings because they just flew away.
      Frank: Yeah, well make another one of those and climb aboard.

    • Frank: You're born, you go to school, you go to work, you die. That's it, that's all, cannoli, Marie.

    • Debra: Boy, it was really something seeing the kids like that today, huh?
      Ray: Yeah. I think we learned a lot from them today, don't you, Boloney Bosoms?

    • Ray: Listen, I was thinking about the question you asked me the other day, remember?
      Ally: When you started sneezing?

    • Ray: Come on, honey, I wasn't trying to offend you.
      Debra: Oh, so I should be flattered that my husband calls me a Smelly Tramp?
      Ray: First of all, I didn't call you Smelly Tramp. I called you "Thmelly Twamp!"

    • Robert: What about space? Is it really endless? I mean, if you take a spaceship and fly out, do you just keep flying and flying?
      Frank: Why don't you give it a shot?

    • Frank: Hey, Marie, while you're holdin' that bible, I got a question for ya. Did you eat the 2 missing canolis?
      Marie: Frank, I'm not gonna let you use the bible like that.
      Frank: Answer me! Yes or no?!
      Marie: This is ridiculous!
      (she puts down the bible)
      Marie: No, I didn't eat those 2 canolis.
      Frank: Did you see what she did?! Pick it up! Pick it up, and tell us what happened to those canolis!
      Marie: Oh, shut up!
      Frank: Thou shalt not eat the canoli!

    • Ray: So God sends us down here for a while to ease the heavenly congestion.

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