Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 8 Episode 2

Thank You Notes

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 29, 2003 on CBS

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  • great episode

    This was a hilarious episode. Marie is a pain. That is what makes it funny. Just another good episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.
  • This episode was a great look at the entire world of 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' If a person had never seen the show prior to this episode, I honestly believe they could watch this one and know everything there is to know about the Barone family.

    Which is definitely not a bad thing. 'Everybody Loves Raymond' did tend to often resort to (what I refer to as) 'recycled' episode ideas. Many of the episodes in different seasons (and in some cases, the very same season) had very similar plot points. However, I though that this episode stuck out a bit more. Here is why:

    1) Amy is completely upfront with Marie, and you can sense throughout the first five minutes (as Marie is asking Amy when she plans to write out thank you notes for the people who bought gifts for Amy and Robert's wedding) that Marie is going to steal a scene (she didn't win all of those Emmy's because she can't deliver a line!) and sure enough, she does.

    2) All the characters in the show are the 'best' examples of what their characters have been throughout the first 8 years. From Ray, Robert, and especially Frank, Marie and Debra, you have to love this episode for what it is - a great directing, writing and acting achievement.