Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 7 Episode 1

The Cult

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 23, 2002 on CBS
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Depressed that Marie and Debra can't seem to resolve their differences, Robert decides to join a support group that the family believes is a cult. After taking the feud between Marie and Debra very hard, Robert's cousin Gerard convinces him to attend a "Inner Path" meeting – a group seeking the path to inner peace and unlocking one's potential.


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  • When Robert joins a cult the family's reaction is both hilarious and therapeutic.

    Season seven opens with a dramatic conclusion to the running battle between Marie and Debra that overshadowed the last three episodes of season six. Robert has found a new outlook on life by attending meetings of Inner Path, a quasi-religious group everybody immediately brands as a cult. He is spouting aphorisms such as "Like a camera, I use negatives to develop." Ray and Debra are concerned but Marie is horrified. She thinks Robert will soon be chanting on the floor at the airport. Frank is upset because his son hugged him for no reason. Marie insists that Ray attend an Inner Path meeting to find out what's going on and set Robert straight.

    The cult meeting scene is a classic, with Susan Yeagley as the super-saccharine sweet group leader who says of Ray, "I see a new face; a face I'd like to know." Ray is greeted enthusiastically as a "notable" who would add prestige to the group. Robert realizes that he has been used to get Ray in the group and becomes disillusioned. Ray sees this as an opportunity to get Marie and Debra talking again.

    The plan unfolds at Ray's house where he tells Debra that the cult has taken control of Robert and the only way to save him is with a family intervention. Robert's police partner Judy comes by to conduct the intervention, which she describes as locking him in to "love-bomb his sorry ass." Marie brings a cake, supposedly the bait that will lure Robert to the trap. Frank, not the most sensitive of family members, is supposed to be at his lodge. Robert comes by as his mellow cult self, realizes the trap and tries to escape, but Ray gets him in a well-planned arm twist, forcing him to submit. Ray says some heart-felt things to get things going, but the plan seems to go awry when Frank shows up looking for cake. "The pool has a fungus," is his reason for not being at the lodge. Frank immediately turns the intervention upside down by mocking Robert as the Dali Lama and sings "Hello Dali" to the tune of "Hello Dolly" ending with "It's so nice my son's head is filled with crap!"

    It looks like the intervention has failed. Robert is disgusted with the entire family and is ready to return to Inner Path. Debra and Marie run after him and Robert confronts them with one of the shows most dramatic moments: "Why should I listen to you two? You can't even talk to each other!" "Yes we can!" they shout back, look at each other, and then embrace in tears. It is a well-crafted cathartic moment well worthy of the tensions that had been building over almost four episodes. As it turns out, Frank's interruption was part of the plan (he points to himself, bragging "and the Oscar goes to…"). As Marie and Debra go off chatting together Frank asks Robert, "This cult; how many wives can you have?"

    A nice but anti-climatic epilog has the men sitting around as Frank lectures about free will, doing "what you want when you want," only to be ordered to lunch by the women, serving chicken even though Frank wanted roast beef.moreless
  • The whole family worrys when Robert joins a cult.

    Poor Robort, the older "less liked" brother in the brone family, I feel bad for him. In this episode, robort, fed up with maire and debra not talking decides to join a "self-help" group called Inner-path and freaks everyone out by smiling and hugging everyone.

    When a freaked out marie and Debra force Ray to go to one of roborts "meetings" ray and robort quickly learn that the group was only using him to get to ray because of rays "celebity status". So as ray was trying to make Robert feel better he thought of a plan on how to get Marie and debra talking it was so funny. he come home and started acting all freaked out telling debra things like they have "robert brainwashed" and its sucking him dry. They formed an intervention, it was so funny and in the end they actulley hugged each other. IT was so funny

    this episode was one of the mose memorble ones from the I love raymound show. It was really funny.moreless
  • Robert Joins a cult

    Feeling depressed from all the fighting between Debra and Marie causes Robert to become depressed and join a cult. Everyone is worried about him and Ray has to go a meeting with Robert. At the Meeting Ray finds out that everyone loves him and just used Robert to get to Ray.

    The season 7 opener leads off with the big fight between Debra and Marie. While this episode is mildly entertaining for about the first 10 minutes, the last 12 are unfunny to me. The whole plan to get Debra and Marie to talk again was too slow and unfunny for me. The first 10 minutes were pretty funny though.moreless

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    • Marie: (To Frank about Robert) This is all your fault. You never hugged him enough as a child. Now he's gonna shave his head and sit on the floor of the airport.

    • Robert: (to Ray and Debra) It's a beautiful day, isn't it? It's crisp! You know, I never knew what it meant when people said it's a crisp day, but today, I get it!

    • Ray: (talking to Robert about his cult) Okay...listen. I know I don't say this enough, but you're my brother, and I love you. But see, here's the thing. You should know that by now, right? I don't have to tell you. I mean, yeah, we get into fights and we yell, but we never let it get too far, you know? Because we're family, and we don't just walk away. This is walking away! And I don't want you to do that because... you're like a part of me.

    • Ray: (about Robert's Hawaiian shirt) Why don't you add a grass skirt to that outfit and go dance around a volcano?

    • Frank: You know what you need? A good kick in the pants.
      Robert: Oh, yeah. Is that the name of your parenting book? A Good Kick in the Pants? Well thanks Dad, it's worked great.

    • Marie: Oh my god, he's in a cult.
      Robert: It's not a cult.
      Frank: Then why the hell did you hug me?

    • Speaking about how an intervention works...
      Judy: We lock the door on that sucker and love-bomb his sorry ass.

    • Robert: I'm like a camera, I use negatives to develop.

    • Debra: Robert, I just want to talk to you.
      Robert: Why?
      Debra: Because I care about you!
      Marie: And I'm your mother!
      Robert: Why would I take advice about family from you two? You can't even talk to each other!
      Marie: YES WE CAN! (Marie and Debra stare at each other for about 5 seconds, then start crying and hugging)

    • Marie: Robbie, please don't join a cult. Have some cake!

    • Marie: Oh my god, he's joined a cult!
      Robert: It's not a cult, Ma. It's a bunch of people who care about me and want to see me happy.
      Marie: You have that here, you stupid ass!

    • Judy: You see, we're trying to help Robert. Let him know we're here for him; that he's family.
      Frank: Oh... Okay. (Frank walks over to Robert in the chair and slaps him on the back of the head)
      Frank: (yells) Hey moron!!

    • (about Frank)
      Ray: Robert, don't listen to him. He pees in the yard.

    • Frank: (singing to the tune of "Hello Dolly") It's so nice that my son's head is filled with crap!

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