Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 2 Episode 11

The Letter

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 08, 1997 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ray comes home to see Debra is having a tupperware party. Ray forgot about the party, and invited some of the guys over. Debra says he never listens to anything she says. Ray says "Well you say a lot." The guys all go upstairs to watch the fight while the girls stay downstairs for the tupperware party.

Marie walks in on the tupperware party and and unintentonally ruins everything. She makes Linda think Bernie is cheating on her. She sees Amy's nighty and she tears one of the other girl's lingerie. Fed up, Debra decides to write Marie a letter telling her how she feels. "But you don't put that in writing!" says Ray. "If it's in writing, you can't deny it."

Ray goes to his parent's house in hopes of intercepting the letter before Marie gets it. Robert gets the mail and Debra's letter is in it. Frank reads the letter out loud. Marie is hurt, and decides to write Debra her own letter. Debra walks in and apologizes, saying she should've never sent the letter. "Now?! You say that now?!?!" Ray says. "I gotta tell ya, your timing sucks!" Marie says she has always known Debra felt that way and wouldn't act the way she does if she felt welcome at their house.

Debra tells Marie she doesn't get a chance to welcome her because she's always at their house. They both think the other didn't want them in their family, and they realize they've had a misunderstanding. Debra and Marie make up, while Ray, Frank and Robert stare in amazement and confusion at what just happened.