Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 2 Episode 11

The Letter

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 08, 1997 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Debra tells Ray that she never asked him to invite Marie because she didn't want her there, he responded "So this wasn't my fault".  However the reason that Marie came over was to bring her special crab dip she made for his "sports thing".  Also considering the fact that Debra,had been planning this party for weeks, and the fight Ray invited his friends over to see wasn't scheduled at the last minute...  It was Ray's fault.

    • Not long after Marie barges in on Debra's Tupperware party, all havoc breaks loose.  In a matter of minutes, all of the invited guests leave without purchasing any Tupperware or taking catalogs, leading the hostess to say, "This territory blows."

      However, in the final scene when Debra and Marie make up over "The Letter," Debra says to Marie, "The Tupperware's in and it's over at the house.  Do you want to come over and see yours?"

      It's worth noting that Marie, of all people, would not have purchased any items--let alone any of the other guests who left prematurely.

    • Why would Debra send a letter to Marie, telling her how she makes her feel, when she was the one who told Raymond that she never would tell his parents how she felt about them in "The In-Laws"?

    • This episode's lunch special is turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with giblet gravy, and green beans.

  • Quotes

    • Frank: Fight? I thought those two guys were gonna skip out of the ring and go antiquing!

    • Frank: (reading the letter) "You probably don't even realize when you're being overbearing, critical, and intrusive." Is this a petition? Where do I sign?

    • Gianni: Hey, Mrs. Barone, I don't know what you put in this dip, but I'll tell ya, if you weren't married—
      Frank: Take her. I'll throw in the dip!

    • Debra: But see, when you say that, I take it as you thinking you're better than me.
      Marie: Oh, Debra dear, but you don't have to be better than me!

    • Debra: Listen, Marie, I just want to apologize if that letter upset you. When I wrote it, I was very angry.
      Ray: And drunk!

    • Frank: (after Debra and Marie cry, hug, and make up) What in hell's bathrobe was that?
      Ray: I think it was a chick fight.

  • Notes

    • Maggie Wheeler was the actress originally slated to play the role of Debra Barone. Patricia Heaton was more of what they were looking for and was the only actress who auditioned that was comfortable enough to kiss Ray Romano.

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