Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 7 Episode 18

The Plan

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 10, 2003 on CBS



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    • Debra: What else, Ray? What else have you faked?
      Ray: Nothing!
      Debra: The bed?
      Ray: Now wait a minute, that's one place I always give 110 percent!
      Debra: I mean making the bed!

    • Debra: (after reading wedding invitation) Oh, my God!
      Amy: I know! I couldn't even finish reading because someone was screaming, and then I realized it was me!

    • Debra: Explain to me how a grown man cannot fold a shirt! Explain to me how a human being with thumbs is not able to do that!

    • Debra: DIAPERS!
      Ray: What?
      Debra: Three kids, and you've only changed like ten diapers in your entire life. (imitates Ray) "I can't do it, the diapers keep falling off!"
      Ray: It's not my fault the kids have no hips!

    • Amy: And what's this? 'Attire optional?' It's supposed to be 'black tie optional.' 'Attire optional' means 'maybe naked'! There's going to be nude people... at the church... on a Wednesday!

    • Amy: Just... kill Ray for me, would you?
      Debra: Oh, Amy... I will.

    • Robert: What do you think we should put for the greeting?
      Ray: What?
      Robert: You know, like: 'Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hank and Pat MacDougall, We request an audience from you at our wedding.' What should we put?
      Frank: 'Attention Idiots'!

    • Pat: 'Attire optional'? Hank, they're nudists!

    • Amy: 'Hank 'n' Pat'? They're not hillbillies, Robert!

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