Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 7 Episode 21

The Shower

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 28, 2003 on CBS
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Debra gives a bridal shower for Amy, but her good intentions get sidetracked by Marie's overzealous participation.

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  • Debra is at Amy's Bridal Shower and is having a good time, until Marie ruins it, of course. Debra is furious at Marie for ruining her night and becomes very drunk. She goes to her car to take a nap, and a policeman occuses her of performing DUI.moreless

    This episode definately explains why I watch Everybody Loves Raymond. This episode is filled with comedy from the beginning to the end, and the plot line is wonderful. Some of my most memorable moments from the story are when Debra tells Ray she's in jail, and Ray asks her where his brown belt is. She's in jail, and Ray just acts like himself and just doesn't get it. Another funny seen is when Robert notices Debra in prison and has that look on his face that everybody loves. This is definately a "can't miss" episode that is enjoyable for everyone.moreless
Maureen daRosa

Maureen daRosa


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Carmen Vargas


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Billy Mayo

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Sherri Shepherd


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Monica Horan

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Georgia Engel

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    • Debra: I kept trying to call you! Where were you?
      Ray: The kids and I went to get pizza, and then we played video games, and they wouldn't let me leave until I beat the high score, and I did. I beat it by a lot.

    • Amy: You are the best matron-of-honor ever!
      Debra: Let's not say "matron."

    • Debra: (after Debra accidently elbows Amy, hard in the stomach, not knowing she was behind her) oh Amy, im so sorry! are you ok?
      Amy: (in pain) I'm ok. I'm ok... Still getting married

    • Frank: You know, the moose is a very vicious creature. But it's not its antlers you should worry about. Sometimes they use their gas.
      Ray: You and a moose would make a good fight.

    • Debra: (leaving Ray a phone message) Ray, are you there? Pick up. Okay, I think I had a little too much to drink because of your mother. And Amy's driving her mom back to Pennsylvania so you gotta come get me. When you get this message call me back on my phell cone...cell phone, shut up!

    • Debra: I wasn't driving, I fell asleep in the car.
      Marie: Well, why on earth would they arrest you for that?
      Frank: Were you naked?

    • Marie: (after finding out why Debra was in jail) Drunken driving! OH MY GOD! Drunken driving, I can't believe this! Now it all makes sense! The messy house, the kids running around filthy, the way she talks to me....

    • Debra: (to police officer who is putting her in a jail cell) But I wasn't driving the car! How can it be a DUI if there was no D?

    • Debra: I left you a message! Why didn't you check?
      Ray: Because they're always for you.
      Debra: (through gritted teeth) Next time, check the messages.
      Ray: Okay, okay. Now that I know you could be in jail, I will!

    • Mr. Rodell: Good luck to whoever's marrying into this.

    • Debra: (when Ray arrives to bail her out) Oh, thank God you're here!
      Ray: Are you okay?
      Debra: Yeah.
      Ray: So...how was Amy's shower?

    • Debra (talking to Ray about Marie after ending up in jail): Listen, she can never know about this. (Ray gives Debra the look of saying that he told Marie already). You told her I was in jail?
      Ray: A little.
      Debra (Grabbing him by his shirt): What is wrong with you?!
      Ray: Guard?!

    • (Ray is asleep when the phone rings)
      Ray: Deb, phone.
      (continues ringing)
      Ray: Deb?
      (he picks up the phone)
      Ray: (groggy) Hello? Hey, Deb. Wait... wait. (looks at the empty bed next to him)
      Ray: Where are you? Jail?! You are not! Seriously, where are you? W-oh, my God! What did you do? Okay, all right. I'll be right down. Wait, Deb. I couldn't find my brown belt today. Do you know where it is?"
      Debra: (yelling through the phone) Ray, just down down here!

    • (during Debra's hearing)
      Frank: (right in Ray's face) She should have lawyered up!
      Ray: You didn't brush your teeth this morning, did you?

    • Robert: (seeing Debra in jail) Oh my God, she finally killed Ma!

    • Debra: (to jail guard) Excuse me, can I have a tissue? (she is ignored) Come on, I just want a tissue! Okay, fine, I'll wipe my nose on my sleeve! I'm an animal now! Are you happy?
      Girl: (about to get put into the jail cell) I don't want to go in there!

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