Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 2 Episode 21

Traffic School

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 20, 1998 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Robert proves to be a crashing bore when it comes to teaching traffic school, so he decides to practice his presentation on the family-which drives them crazy. In an attempt to lighten things up, he puts in an assist-officer call to "Traffic Cop Timmy," a puppet dressed as a policeman.moreless

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  • Robert tries out teaching techniques on his unreceptive family. When he introduces a dummy into the mix, things get interesting ...

    I have two favorite episodes in this show that I never get tired of, either on TV or DVD: this one and "Hallowe'en Candy." To me, the best part of the show is when Robert lightens up his traffic school teaching style with "Traffic Cop Timmy," a ventriloquist's dummy that is used to teach children about safety. "Timmy" is an absolute scream, and doesn't censor his mouth when insulting Frank, Marie and Ray. Brad Garrett is great doing the "Timmy" voice, so unlike his normal one. The whole deal fails, of course, but not without lots of laughs during the show. The writers must have fun penning this script, and the actors enjoyed saying their lines, because you could see it in their performances. The last scene (which I won't reveal so as not to spoil the fun) is hysterical. Peter Boyle as Frank was great. The ending music was a hoot, too.moreless
  • Robert Finds an Alter Ego

    Robert has issues with his family. In no other episode have these issues been brought out with greater clarity than the hilarious and touching “Traffic School” featuring Robert and his sidekick Timmy the Traffic Cop.

    Robert has been getting a poor response from students he must teach in traffic school. Some would rather go to jail, or take Robert’s gun to shoot themselves! He wants to practice on the family, but Ray and Frank are reluctant until he lets them know that he can clear up certain outstanding violations. “Sign my thing!” is Frank’s frequent demand. Robert’s stiff and officious manner makes it rough going. He soon looses control of the “class” as they start making fun of him. Even Debra can’t help joining in as Robert’s constant references to the course binder get them all naming “things that bind.” Robert storms out, and the episode isn’t half over yet.

    When Robert returns he brings with him a ventriloquist’s dummy in a police uniform, Timmy the Traffic Cop. Even though Robert’s lips move openly, Timmy soon shows a personality of his own. Marie correctly answers a question on what one needs to do before starting to drive, but Timmy demands, “What about leaving your firstborn child at a truck stop in New Mexico?” After bringing up Robert’s painful childhood incident, Timmy insults Ray and Frank, flirts with Debra, and becomes an outlet for much of the hurt buried in Robert’s subconscious. Frank gets so caught up in Timmy’s persona that he shouts at him, “How do you know, you weren’t even there!” With Timmy the whole episode is brought to a new level of character insight and depth. While the session finally ends with Robert storming out again, followed by a serious discussion between Robert and Ray, the comedy of the situation is recaptured in the closing where a headless Timmy is seated in Marie’s kitchen. “He’s not so funny without his head,” says a malevolent Frank to a distraught Robert. Marie comes in, opens the refrigerator’s freezer door and screams when Timmy’s head is revealed inside. Triumphant, Frank gives out an evil, maniacal laugh as he slurps his cereal.moreless
  • this is by far one of the best episodes of the series.

    this is by far one of the best episodes of the series.

    traffic school was one of the best episodes because everyone had a major part in the episode. It was also cool how robert could get his feelings out through the scary puppet. One of the funniest parts was when Robert was asking marie what to do when u get in the car. Also when Frank and Ray read the comment cards to Robert. it was overall one of the best episodes of the sereis.


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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In earlier scenes Timmy is seen with a rather long neck, but when Marie discovers his head in the freezer in the closing segment, the neck is quite short to allow the head to fit in.

    • This episode's lunch special is ham, beans, cole slaw, carn bread, and what looks like stuffing.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Timmy: (to Frank and Marie about leaving Robert at a gas station) Remember? A great family vacation, going to see the Grand Canyon. Frank stops for gas and you all leave when Robert's still in the men's room?
      Frank: How would you know? You weren't there.
      Ray: We got a real battle of wits going on here.

    • Marie: Come on, honey. You can practice on me, dear. Give me one of your routines.
      Robert: What?
      Marie: One of your traffic things. Come on! Let's just say I'm a crazy driver, (turns her attention on Frank) Shut up, Frank.

    • Robert: I just got my first student evaluations today.
      Marie: Yeah? What did they say dear?
      Robert: Oh, you want to know what they said? Okay, ma, here's what they said. (Robert opens up his binder and flips through a few pages) "This class is a sure cure for insomnia. Next time, just, please, take away my license."

    • Ray: You were neglected. Try being smothered.
      Robert: I used to pray for smothered.
      Ray: You want smothered? How about at school when Mom became cafeteria monitor to make sure I ate all my food and kept my sweater on and sat with her?!

    • Timmy: (to Frank) Remind me never to drive with you, ya crazy old bastard!

    • Ray: Okay, Robert, the thing I said about lighten up—this is a little too light.

    • Frank: (reading student evaluations) 'After 10 minutes, I wanted to take the officer's gun... and end my misery'.

    • (Robert is talking through his dummy, Traffic Cop Timmy)
      Timmy: Let's see. Marie, is it? What's the first thing you do in your car before you drive off.
      Marie: Well, you check your rear-view mirrors.
      Timmy: Good.
      Marie: And, make sure you're wearing your seatbelt.
      Timmy: Anything else?
      Marie: Um, no. That's it.
      Timmy: That's it? (turns to Robert) She thinks that's it. (turns back to Marie) How about making sure your firstborn son is in the backseat before driving off from a gas station in New Mexico!
      Marie: Robby, that was so long ago!
      Robert: Hey, I'm not the one who cares. (looks at Timmy)
      Debra: Uh-oh.

    • Debra: (to Robert about him teaching traffic school) All you just need is some practice.
      Robert: It's not the kind of thing you can practice. It's all about relating to people.
      Frank: You're a dead man.

    • Robert: How about when you used to go to school and mom would follow you there!
      Ray: What? That was mom?! (Robert nods) Oh, my God! The crazy tree lady! I used to have nightmares about her!
      Robert: When was the last time you had one?
      Ray: Last week!

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