Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 1 Episode 10

Turkey or Fish

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 22, 1996 on CBS
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Debra's plan to create her own family tradition by serving fish for Thanksgiving is underminded by Marie, who takes it upon herself to make a turkey on her own. Meanwhile, Ray's idea of a traditional holiday at home becomes even more untraditional when the relatives opt not to watch football, much to his dismay.moreless

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  • Mediocre.

    It's Turkey Day here on Everybody Loves Raymond. ELR is definitely one of the 90's most memorable sitcoms, which in my opinion was the most decorated decade for TV comedies, but this was just a lackluster offering. Two many cliches, not enough clever jokes, and just an annoying plot in general. The idea of Debra wanting to have her own Thanksgiving "tradition" came out of the blue and to me did not seem to be something her character would pursue. Just a weak installment of Everybody Loves Raymond. 5.5/10

    Season 1 of a show is usually my favorite, and this was a strong season, excluding this episode.moreless
  • Raymond chokes on mommy\\\'s apron strings and ruins Thanksgiving. Debra is appeased only after she appears to lose the betty crocker turf war, showing that the writers totally miss the point... it\\\'s not about cooking school it\\\'s about men who stanmoreless

    This show sucks. It trivializes a serious problem in death of marriages - husband allowing mommy to think she is more important than wife. She brings a turkey? where does he become a man and stand up to the intrusive beyotch? should be rewritten so that \\\"mareee\\\" chokes on the fish - and duh - maries agreement (only after Debra appears to present a crappy dinner) that they should have Thxgv at D\\\'s house, insults the intelligence - nobody\\\'s buying the manipulative lifesucker\\\'s line. Totally fishy premise out of touch w/today\\\'s hot wives who won\\\'t put up with girly husbands.moreless
  • An episode I'm sure to remember!

    I remember watching this episode so clearly!

    The whole episode was hilarious on how the family was fighting over the holiday thing! It was funny all the way through; especially when Raymond put the fish into the dishwasher! Oh man I can’t get enough of this show! It’s so brilliant and funny, there has only been a bad episode once or twice throughout this entire series! The producers make this show so entertaining that it will have a huge future!

    I believe in 10 years from now, I’ll look back on this show and remind myself and my friends who watched it how funny, interesting and entertaining it was! I love this show, rarely has it ever let me down!!! WONDERFUL!moreless
  • Typical Barone Behavior

    This episode is one of my favorites. I love when Debra wants to make the dinner then puts the family in turmoil over fish instead of turkey. But it's all fair when marie brings over a turkey. I liked it becuase it seems like something my grandma would do to my Dad if he ever cooked a fish instead of a turkey. but it's definitly a classic, and I loved it!! It's exactly why i watch this show!moreless
  • This is a classic episode for everybody loves raymond fans.

    This well written episode sees Debra cooking thanksgiving and Marie trying to ruin it. It starts off where Debra wants to make thanksgiving for everybody. Marie disagrees first but then gives in and sees it as an opportunity to try and show her friends that Debra is a bad cook. For thanksgiving Debra makes a fish instead of turkey. Marie brings over her turkey and pursuedes everybody to eat her turkey. Frank eats some of debras fish and he loved it. This make marie jealous. Frank ends up chocking and marie and debra have a fight over what he chocked on. It ended up being fish and Debra got upset. Marie and ray talked to her. I think this is a fabulous episode and is well writtenmoreless
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Pearl Shear


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Katherine Helmond

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At the scene where Debra is preparing the meal. If you look closely at the fridge magnets, you can see on the freezer door that the number magnet show "666".

    • This episode's "Where's Lunch?" is a rubber chicken.

    • Retrieving the fish, Ray whips open the door to a still running dishwasher. Dishwashers won't run until a locking latch is in place, so he should not have been able to do that. Some dishwashers have push lever latches, like some cars have squeeze lever handles.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ray: Mom, what are you doing here with the food?
      Marie: Well, if Debra made a fish, I cooked a turkey. In case people will want to, you know, eat.

    • Ray: (To Michael) You may say I'm very sneaky! That's why I'm glad you can't talk!

    • Uncle Mel: My god! That fish smell is like a....a punch in the face.

    • Marie: Where do you want me to put this turkey?
      Debra: I'll tell you where you can put it...

    • Lois: You want some yams?
      Mel: No, I hate yams?
      Ally: (dressed up as a yam) You hate yams?
      Debra: Aw, honey, he doesn't hate ALL yams.
      Mel: Yes, I do, I hate them; they're very binding!

    • Ray: Debra, calm down. You're reacting to missing squash like the time we left Ally at the mall!

    • Debra: Look, Ray, we want to start our own tradition, and Ally wants it to be like the first Thanksgiving.
      Ray: Well, why don't we have some smallpox then, too?

    • Ally: My teacher says they had fish at the first Thanksgiving.
      Ray: Yeah, well, people were stupid then, sweetie!

    • Ray: I got the last of the baking powder. I had to fight two old ladies to get it.
      Debra: What did you do?
      Ray: Nothing I'm proud of.

    • Ray: You want me to convince my parents to come here, and my sales pitch is, "mmm, mmm, fish!"

    • Frank: (looking at the TV) What the hell is this crap?
      Warren: That's soccer. Frank, only in America is football the game that you're familiar with. In many countries, when people refer to futbol, they actually mean soccer!
      Frank: In many countries people eat cats.

    • Debra: I can't compete with your mother's turkey, Ray. The woman has giblets in her blood!

    • Ray: It's just that my mom is such a great cook. Thanksgiving, that's kinda what makes my mom... worth it.
      Debra: Are you saying I'm a bad cook?
      Ray: No, but you're always worth it. See, that's called a quick save right there!

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