Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 7 Episode 20

Who's Next

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 14, 2003 on CBS



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    • Robert: (about picking someone to replace Ray) Did Debra even consider me?
      Amy: Hey, I'm standing right here!

    • Robert: So, who would you pick for me?
      Amy: Robert, I don't wanna do this.
      Robert: Come on, it'll be fun.
      Amy: We're not even married yet and you wanna know who can replace me?
      Robert: I picked someone to replace me.
      Amy: Oh, yeah? Who?
      Robert: Well, what about Raymond
      Amy: (disguested face) Ray?
      Robert: Ahh, that's my girl!

    • Marie: (to Harriet) You stay away from my husband!
      Frank: Marie, we were just talking.
      Marie: You weren't just talking, you were picturing her naked.
      Frank: Get out of my head, Woman!

    • Debra: By the way Linda called this morning. She had to cancel the date tonight. She said Bernie was up all night with a terrible stomach flu. He slept on the bathroom floor.
      Raymond: Stomach flu? Well that's a lot of flu with that stomach.

    • Raymond: (trying to get the milk open) C'mon. Are you kidding me? You gotta glue it on tight, huh, milk people? 'Ooh, look at me, I work for the milk company. I glue things on tight.'

    • Raymond: There's no reason you shouldn't be attracted to Bernie except for all the extra Bernie.

    • Debra: The kids preschool teacher.
      Raymond: What?! She's gotta be 65 years old. She's old enough to be my mother.
      Debra: Yeah, I thought you'd like that.

    • Marie: By the way, the viewing hours are the next three nights at the Canazarol's funeral home.
      Raymond: Oh, is it going to be an open casket?
      Frank: For Rose Capoodle, I hope not!

    • Linda: Did Mrs. Capoodle know that you picked her for Frank?
      Raymond: If she did then it would have killed her sooner.

    • Raymond: Hey dad, Bernie and Linda are here for dinner so why don't you go home and yell at your own TV?
      Frank: What are you having?
      Raymond: We're having a big bowl of "get out of my house old man"!

    • Frank: (looking at the picture beside the coffin) Is this picture before or after?

    • Frank: I don't care how many plans you make for me, I wouldn't be caught dead with Rose Caputo!

    • Debra: Who would you pick for me if you died first?
      Ray: And you say I'm bad at foreplay.

    • Marie (to Frank): Years ago I decided to pick someone to replace me if I died before you.
      Frank: What do you mean? To marry me?
      Marie: Yes! Someone to make you happy after I was gone!
      Frank: Oh, that's nice, Marie, but.. I think I'd be happy enough.

    • Marie: Guess who died.
      Debra: Aw, Marie! Who?
      Marie: Guess!
      Ray: Mom! Nobody wants to play this game!
      Frank: Celebrity or real person?
      Marie: A real person.
      Frank: Male or female?
      Marie: Female.
      Frank: Gimme a second here, I'm usually pretty good at this.

  • Notes

    • Ironically enough, Maggie Wheeler was one of the actresses considered to play Ray's wife, Debra, when the show was originally cast.

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