Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 1 Episode 22

Why Are We Here?

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 07, 1997 on CBS
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Ray and Debra remember their days in their first apartment, she discovers she's having twins, and they decide they need a house. Ray maps a strategy where they are not close enough for everyday visits from his folks but not far enough for overnight stays. Meanwhile, Robert discovers his wife wants a divorce.moreless

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  • How Ray and Debra landed in The Hot Zone

    The weak Season One ended on a high note with this episode flashing back to the sequence of events that led to Ray and Debra living across the street from Frank and Marie. This is the first time Ray Romano gets writing credits for an episode (along with Tom Paris), possibly indicating a change in style that sets the bar higher for much to come in the following seasons.

    Debra is working with Ally to build a model of the solar system on their kitchen table as Frank, Marie and Robert barge in and out as if they owned the place. This prompts Debra to ask Ray how this could have come about, taking us back to the small apartment in Queens where they first lived. There is tiny Ally (played by one of the Sweeten twins in pink ribbons) and very pregnant Debra getting ready to have an ultra-sound. Ray does not want to know the new baby’s gender but clearly would like a boy this time. Debra has the ultra-sound and brings home the image to show Ray. Ray’s loud insistence he does not want to know melts away and Debra interprets the grainy image, pointing out “one little thing” and then “another little thing; it’s twins, Ray… twin boys.” Ray is ecstatic, ready to do cartwheels, and then gets very worried. How are all these children going to fit in that small apartment?

    The delightful scene of Ray learning about the twins is followed by another great scene where Ray uses a map of the greater New York City area to explain to Debra where they should be looking for a new, larger place. Too close to Lynbrook would be “the hot zone” where Marie could bring sauce before it cools. Too far away would mean having the in-laws as overnight guests. Thus begins a hilarious series of remarks from Debra defending Frank and Marie, exhibiting total naïve ignorance as to how horrible they could be, much to Ray’s frustration.

    Frank, Marie and Robert come over to hear the news of the twins. Robert thinks they’re going to have another girl, but is deflated to learn it’s not only a boy but two boys, bringing out one of his bitter “it never ends for Raymond” comments. Frank and Marie know just the place for Ray and Deb to move to, a nice house with great neighbors across the street… THEM! Ray reluctantly comes along as Frank shows them the empty house, pleading with Debra to understand how awful it would be to live too close to his parents. Debra dismisses such notions and insists this is the place for them, in spite of Ray’s comparing it to pinging her on the nose several times. In the final scene, back to the present in the kitchen, Ray and Debra talk about where they would move to get away from these crazy people. Instead of a map, Debra uses the solar system model, pointing to the earth as “your parent’s planet.” Sweeping her hand around the entire solar system she says, “We’ll call this the Hot Zone.” It’s a terrific ending to one of their first stand-out episodes.moreless
  • It's so funny, Debra's the cause!

    I think this episode holds a lot of irony when we find out that Debra is the one that wanted to move across the street from Ray's parents, simply becuase of them. I loved it because it seems like something that happens all the time, and we realize now that they regret it but cant really do anything about it! I really really think that this is a classic Everybody loves raymond episode, becuase it shows humor with the seriousness yet heartwarming things about them. My favorite part is when Debra tells Ray that she's having twins and he gets so excited and they are so cute!moreless
  • A funny episode and how Debra wanted to move near Ray's parents and then soon regrets it.

    It starts off like always when Debra and Ray are in the kitchen and the other Barone's come barging in with their usual remarks and comments. But, when Debra gets fed up with Ray's family intruding in her life, they both reminisce about how quiet life used to be in their old apartment miles away from his family. Ray reminds Debra that he never wanted to move closer to his parents because he knew they would make pesky in-laws. At the time Debra thought he was overreacting about his parents, until they moved across the street from the elder Barones, and Debra's had to live with the consequences.moreless
  • In this episode you learn a lot about the past of the characters in the show. If you are a newcomer to the series, you should definately watch this episode.

    This is one of the many flashback episodes of the series, and it is the most entertaining. We find out that it was Debra's idea to move across from Raymond's parents - an idea highly argued by Raymond himself. Throughout the course of the episode, we learn about the apartment that Ray and Debra used to live in, as well as what the family used to look like. (Robert has a moustache, go figure)

    When Debra learns that she is pregnant with twin boys, she and Ray both realize it's time to buy a house. Debra and Frank convince Raymond to move into prime real estate - that house across from the parents.

    The episode concludes with Raymond and Debra sitting around, just wishing they had never chosen that house.

    This is a classic episode in the series and if you haven't already seen it, you've missed a great and funny moment.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Debra: No, Ray, they won't be over here daily!
      Ray: Oh, my God, you poor blind fat lady!

    • Ray: Do you really wanna move?
      Debra: We're having twins! We need a bigger place!
      Ray: Well, how do you know that? Look where they're living now! (points to her belly)

    • Frank: Where's Joanne?
      Robert: She's not coming. We had a fight.
      Frank: What was the matter? She caught you smiling?

    • Ray: It's twins?! Oh, my God, it's twins! Twins don't run in our family! Oh, my God! Am I the man or what?! I bet it's because I switched to boxers.

    • Debra: I don't need a bowl to eat ice cream.
      Ray: Then we can just tie that to your neck and leave your hands free for cookies.

    • Ray: Believe me, I would move right now! But we can't.
      Debra: But when can we?
      Ray: Five seconds after we can afford it.

    • Debra: Who better to help us than your parents?
      Ray: The devil.

    • Ray: (trying to explain to Debra the truth about his parents) Okay, think of it like this. (flicks Debra's nose)
      Debra: Ouch! What was that?
      Ray: Just a little annoying, right? If you only had that happen once or twice a month, it would be fine, right? But try every single day....(boinks at Debra's nose over and over)

    • Debra: Come on, Ray. Our little boys...we want to give them everything, right? Let's give them Grandma and Grandpa, too.

    • Debra: (during the flashback) I know that you don't see it now, but in time you will come to realize what a blessing it is to have your family so close.

    • Debra: I would never have thought that I would miss our little apartment in Queens.
      Ray: Come on, that apartment was tiny and cramped and noisy.
      Debra: Yeah, your parents would only visit every other month.
      Ray: I loved that place.
      Debra: I know.

  • NOTES (2)

    • For the portions of this episode that are not flashbacks, Patricia Heaton sits at the kitchen table for the entire time (unless she gets up for a second, and then she's still partly hiding behind another character) and wears a baggy blouse to mask her real-life pregnancy.

    • In the flashback scenes, baby Ally is played by one of her brothers.