Evil Con Carne

Season 1 Episode 3

Go Spork! / Boscov's Day Out / Cod vs. Hector

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2003 on Cartoon Network



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    • (in translation)
      Boskov: Thanks for saving me, dude.
      Cod Commando: No problem, man.
      Boskov: This could be the beginning...
      Cod Commando: ...of a beautiful friendship.

  • Notes

    • When Skarr is at the airport, you can see that he has a Grim watch.

    • These 3 episodes each aired between 2 episodes of 'The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy' when the show was 'Grim & Evil':

      Go SPORK! originally aired between Mandy the Merciless and The Really Odd Couple

      Boskov's Day Out originally aired between It's Hokey Mon! and Tween Wolf

      Cod vs. Hector originally aired between The Crawling Niceness and Chicken Ball Z

    • Skarr does not appear in Cod vs. Hector until the end of the episode.

    • New SPORK Member Bio(s):

      1) Kablamity Jane - She is a 1970's black woman with an Afro big enough to hide two machine guns in

      2) Private Simmons - This monkey is the major general of SPORK. He is very smart and devises plans to build new weapons.

      3) Ensign Slaughter - This SPORK member is a complete nerd. He always complains about this and that.

    • Main Hero(es): Cod Commando, Kablamity Jane, Private Simmons, & Ensign Slaughter

    • First appearances of SPORK members Kablamity Jane, Ensign Slaughter, and Private Simmons.

    • The four members of SPORK are:

      Cod Commando
      Kablamity Jane
      Private Simmons
      Ensign Slaughter

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