Evil Con Carne

Season 2 Episode 4

Jealousy, Jealous Do / Hector, King of the Britains

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • These episodes were great

    I liked both of these episodes. I liked 'Hector, King of the Britains' better, though. 'Jealousy, Jealous Do' was okay. In that episode, it was so funny when Cod Commando dressed up as a woman. This woman is a spy, and she's flirting with Boskov. Hector is jealous because the woman likes Boskov better than him. Major Dr. Ghastly is jealous because she thinks there's something going on between Hector and the woman. I don't really know why Cod is jealous. In 'Hector, King of the Britains', the Lady of the Lake looked more like a man than a woman. During the credits, Major Dr. Ghastly was telling people about her last birthday. I loved this pair of episodes. I saw these on Cartoon Network video.