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  • Simply glorious

    The title just says it all. No other words needed. Oh, do you?

  • Good spin-off to a good show.

    I liked this show as a kid. After revisiting it (before my stepmom switched to DirecTV), I thought it was still an excellent show.
  • Just as good as Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

    What do you get when a man explodes and his brain and stomach are added to a circus bear? Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy!...Nah just kidding, Evil Con Carne. A spinoff of Grim&Evil, Evil Con Carne really was...evil of course, but not just that, it was incredibly funny and the episodes were really clever if you think about it. I didn't really watch Evil Con Carne when Grim&Evil was split into two seperate series, I was watching Billy and Mandy, however, I always enjoyed it nonetheless, in fact, this may be one of my favorite Cartoon Network shows. It's creative, the animation is great. And throughout the entire series I kinda felt bad for Hector Con Carne, you know, because he's attatched to a dimwitted, Russian circus bear.
  • Should come back

    CN should put this show back to air.

    Plot: Remember General Skarr, and Hector Con Carne, and Dr. Ghastly From Grim & Evil? Just like Grim, they also had their own spin-off show. This is their show, and it solely focuses on them. Hector Con Carne, was a rich man planning to rule the world with his intelligence. He was caught in an explosion did by his arch-nemesis Cod Commando, scattering his body parts around the world. His life was saved by Dr.Ghastly, who made him a containment unit for his two body parts; his brain and his stomach. Then these two units were later installed into a purple bear, named Boskov. Giving him a body that he can control %75 most of the time. Now they built a lair on their own island named "Bunny Island", an island with a bunny shaped mountain for making their plans. They have two quests, find his parts and rule the world. Actually nice on making a plot using body parts!

    Characters: They haven't changed that much in Grim & Evil, so no issues. And their little changes are necessary. Voice acting and dialogues are nice.

    Humor: Dark, evil, Sci-fi humor. Well executed.

    Art: Great art designs like TGAoBaM, no problems.

    Overall: 10. Needs to come back. It only lasted for one season! And it got replaced by a crap cartoon!
  • An amazing show!

    This show is really good. It is another cartoon cartoon. It used to be on a show called Grim vs Evil but after a while they split up. Grim turned into a show called the grim adventures of billy and mandy. Whilst Evil turned into Evil Con Cane. I used to watch this show evey so often and thought it was excellent. I really wish it was not cancelled but all good things must come to an end. It was only on for over a year but it was great. It is funny that the brain is attached to a bear in a glass jar on his head!
  • Arguably the eviler half of Grim and Evil

    Well--let me tell you something. As much as I enjoyed Billy and Mandy, around the 5th season or so (around the time they started overusing the grossout humor and they practically ABANDONED the jokes surrounding having Death for a friend except for a few references here and there, choosing to go with Yo Mama jokes) the show started to decline and turn into a string of pop culture references instead of the highly acclaimed original show it was made to be; the whole reason why Evil should have stayed on longer. Evil had an excellent idea, a jillionaire playboy whose body blew up in an explosion, and all that's left of him is a disembodied brain and a stomach, attached to a circus bear. How awesome is that? Plus, in essence, Evil Con Carne is a terrorist organization. Yes, you heard me right, a TERRORIST organization. They actually made a show about one that turned out to be both clever, funny, and successfully NOT offend anyone except for a few unlucky souls who saw this review and just realized it.

    Cartoon Network, please, take off Adventure Time and replace it with this...you'll have an adventurous time.
  • Its potential wasn't fully used and needs to come back

    Evil Con Carne was just like TGAoBaM, it had its own show after Grim and Evil was split up. The show is about a man named Hector Con Carne a rich man whose body was destroyed by his nemesis, Cod Commando, and only his brain and stomach survive. His remains are found by Dr. Ghastly, a genius scientist woman who has a crush on Hector. After putting his parts into a Russian circus bear named Boscov, Hector plans for revenge and has Dr. Ghastly's help, and has enlisted a general named Skarr to help him. The premise is cheesy, but good enough. The artwork is great. Character designs are interesting, the inventions of Ghastly look creative, and the set designs are pretty original. The animation is nice and smooth in this show. The humor is similar to Billy and Mandy. It has dark and crude humor in it, but they also add some slapstick in there as well which was a nice touch. The stories are good and creative. While some are rehashes, the show does an excellent job adding in new things to the table, and again it's a nice touch. I was sad to see this show end, but I think the problem was that Maxwell Atoms was doing this show and TGAoBaM. He decided to go with Billy and Mandy and only have the cast of this show make some cameo appearances in this show. Maybe like Futurama this show will be brought back in the future, and I hope so. This show had great potential and should return on the air.
  • The gross, sadistic show that nobody wanted.

    What an awsome show! How could Cartoon Network deprive us from this piece of genius?

    I've got to give a shout-out to Maxwell Atoms for creating this show. It saw probably the most original show on Cartoon Network.

    Apparently, young kids were just scared to watch the show. Much like Billy and Mandy, this show lived off of black humor which many would find disturbing. But quite frankly, that is what makes the show so great. The writers are not afraid to put something disturbing on the show. This put Billy and Mandy on top of CN. So really, I just don't understand how this show could possibly get put off the air.

    My favorite characters are General Skarr, Boskov, and Estroy. I loved the episode in which Estroy's true face was revealed.

    It's just to sad when crappy shows are put on TV when there are much better ideas out their. Evil Con Carne diserved better than what it got. It should have lasted longer instead of having other crap on CN take its place.
  • Good at the time.

    Back when The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy were going around, I see this as a kind of younger brother, since it started around the same time. It does have some crude humor even I found repulsive, but overall, it was a good show. It had some interesting ideas in it that were pulled off quite well. A lot of humor I did enjoy, especially the G.I Joe ripoff Cod Commando. I was disapointed when this show got cancelled, but hey. At least we got General Skarr on a few seasons of Billy and Mandy before it was cancelled. A good show, might not have been as good if they continued it.
  • Yet another great Cartoon show from the good old days that should be brought back at some point in the future.

    This show was pretty good along with its partner which to me is also pretty good (maybe even VERY good) and it is now The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy! Evil Con Carne was great too when it was first shown along with its great show partner! But as time went by The show based on the Grim Reaper made more popularity and gained a huge fanbase while this show did not become as popular with that big of a fanbase, thus having it slowly die out. That's a shame, i mean, this show (Evil Con Carne) I thought was popular too! I liked the cute purple bear! He was funny driving his brain up the wall! Lol, I liked his stomach too, it provided an interesting and unique third person connected to the main character! He tried to rule the world with an iron first with Scar ad a female scientist, his brain was the one who formulated the plans and had his two workers make that happen! His regular whole body was sadly destroyed by his greatest enemy which happens to be a fish army soldier. Fortunately the main character was saved by having his most important two organs being put into a circus bear! Now they try and figure out ways to rule the world on an uncharted island with a Bunny shaped base. This was another good animated classic on Cartoon Network that I like to watch, but argh, it was definitely forgotten as it doesn't really air anymore. I will miss this show, but it was great while it lasted. That is really fortunate how the other show (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) sometimes show some scenes of Evil Con Carne! Now, the whole concept was pretty good, and the show rules!
  • This show's got to be brought back!

    I wish Cartoon Network would bring 'Evil Con Carne' back on air. It was the best show ever, and I liked it. Not only did I like that show, but I loved it! I just wish Cartoon Network would bring that show back on air, and when they put that show back on, if they ever do, I hope they can show some new episodes! I also like the way General Skarr appears in 'The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy'. If they show more 'Evil Con Carne', I hope they show other presidents other than Abraham Lincoln. I also liked the way that Cod Commando talks with all that 'blah, blah, blah, blah'. I don't really care if 5,000+ users disagree with my review on the way I like this show. This is my favorite show and nothing will ever change this fact. Cartoon Network, put this show back on the air!
  • Not bad not so grate eather read the review plz

    Well i gave it a 7.1 it ok but not so good eather it made fun of to many other show probly why it got the boot out of CTN i would watch it Sometimes i would have gave it a 9 if these things would have happend 1 they stoped makeing fun of shows 2 they made it better its a good show but as i said not to good i would watch it on fridays and stuff send me feed back plz good not to much bad plz!!! and be sure to send me a kist of your fav. shows
  • The show from billy and mandy that brings crude humor to cartoons on cartoon network.

    Ok usually cartoon network is know for its slapstick comdedy. It has had a few really rude shows that have been canceled and took off the air. like "I am weasel,cow and chicken, and evil con carne." grim and evil sort of is like that but not that bad. I like the pie episode the best a funny musical and the uncle bob show one. but oh well its hardly shown on the cartoon cartoon show. but I have a couple on tape at my place but who am I kidding not that many people like it any ways. I think that it would be worth it putting it on air again.
  • Should of stayed with grim and evil.

    This was a good mini cartoon that went with Grim and evil [which is now billy and mandy] and should of stayed that way. I enjoyed this show but at the same time dont think it deserved its own time slot its the kind of cartoon that needs to be shown along side another one. It would of been around alot longer instead of ending up being referenced in its sister cartoon as being canned.

    Cartoon network must of seen that to and now show the segments of a whole episode as part of there cartoon cartoon hour blocks, I think thats what it deserves.
  • This is a pretty decent show. I will admit that this show was very original.

    I wasn't a huge fan of this show, but I liked it. The characters were very funny, and the plots had good ideas. This show is most likely a Cartoon Network classic due to the shortness it stayed on the air, and the Cartoon Network feel. The same feel as the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
  • Need to know why he good ones always die.

    i need to know why the mediocre shows like grim adventures of billy and mandy, which by the way aren\'t funny at all and consistently aimed toward what seems to be an A.D.D. audience, continually beat out the smarter show? I discovered Evil Con Carne because my son was laughing hysterically and i had wondered what was going on, after about three episodes i too was hooked, then CANCELLED?? And by some daft authoritative decision Billy and Mandy had continued success? My son will not watch this, and we still watch Evil Con Carne when we get a chance, (thank you dvr!!). This show had it all, laughs, wit, and flew by because it was actually interesting. Kudos Cartoon Network you killed another good show, I\'m actually surprised Teen Titans is still around. And really, who\'s brainchild is adult swim, it just seems beyond you guys to come up with something good. billy and mandy, for shame...... for shame!!!!
  • Does Hector always lose to the good?

    Evil Con Carne used to be together with another show, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy on "Grim & Evil".

    But anyway, i feel that it seems rather unfair that Hector Con Carne always loses to Cod Commando. He should at least win once. But he always fails.

    I just feel that the people who Hector tries to attack always try to attack him back so violently. (ex. episode: Everyone Loves Uncle Bob) Somehow I pity Major Doctor Ghastly
    and sometimes I wonder if General Skarr can dominate the world.

    So overall, if the show can show ALOT more improvement, it can become like The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, very likable and popular.
  • Come on is this show really that bad?

    when I first heard of this show I thoght it was going to be stupid and a load of shite. but after watching it a few times I really got to like it alot and I hope they bring it back on cartoon network. however I don't think it was a good idea to be known back then as grim and evil. If it has own series instead of tying up with the grim adventures then mabe people would like it a bit better because grim was the favourite out of the two.
  • I dont think this show is all that great i should never have been on.

    This show is bad...just bad.I remember when it was The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Evil Con Carne show that wasnt the name i dont remember it I despised it so much.Sure there was a funny episode on every now and then,but not enough to cause side-splitting laughter.I think you should watch this show if your not in a good mood to calm your self down and think about how stoned the person who made this show had to be.