Evil Con Carne

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)


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  • Need to know why he good ones always die.

    i need to know why the mediocre shows like grim adventures of billy and mandy, which by the way aren\'t funny at all and consistently aimed toward what seems to be an A.D.D. audience, continually beat out the smarter show? I discovered Evil Con Carne because my son was laughing hysterically and i had wondered what was going on, after about three episodes i too was hooked, then CANCELLED?? And by some daft authoritative decision Billy and Mandy had continued success? My son will not watch this, and we still watch Evil Con Carne when we get a chance, (thank you dvr!!). This show had it all, laughs, wit, and flew by because it was actually interesting. Kudos Cartoon Network you killed another good show, I\'m actually surprised Teen Titans is still around. And really, who\'s brainchild is adult swim, it just seems beyond you guys to come up with something good. billy and mandy, for shame...... for shame!!!!