Evil Con Carne

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)


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  • Arguably the eviler half of Grim and Evil

    Well--let me tell you something. As much as I enjoyed Billy and Mandy, around the 5th season or so (around the time they started overusing the grossout humor and they practically ABANDONED the jokes surrounding having Death for a friend except for a few references here and there, choosing to go with Yo Mama jokes) the show started to decline and turn into a string of pop culture references instead of the highly acclaimed original show it was made to be; the whole reason why Evil should have stayed on longer. Evil had an excellent idea, a jillionaire playboy whose body blew up in an explosion, and all that's left of him is a disembodied brain and a stomach, attached to a circus bear. How awesome is that? Plus, in essence, Evil Con Carne is a terrorist organization. Yes, you heard me right, a TERRORIST organization. They actually made a show about one that turned out to be both clever, funny, and successfully NOT offend anyone except for a few unlucky souls who saw this review and just realized it.

    Cartoon Network, please, take off Adventure Time and replace it with this...you'll have an adventurous time.