Evil Con Carne

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)


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  • Should come back

    CN should put this show back to air.

    Plot: Remember General Skarr, and Hector Con Carne, and Dr. Ghastly From Grim & Evil? Just like Grim, they also had their own spin-off show. This is their show, and it solely focuses on them. Hector Con Carne, was a rich man planning to rule the world with his intelligence. He was caught in an explosion did by his arch-nemesis Cod Commando, scattering his body parts around the world. His life was saved by Dr.Ghastly, who made him a containment unit for his two body parts; his brain and his stomach. Then these two units were later installed into a purple bear, named Boskov. Giving him a body that he can control %75 most of the time. Now they built a lair on their own island named "Bunny Island", an island with a bunny shaped mountain for making their plans. They have two quests, find his parts and rule the world. Actually nice on making a plot using body parts!

    Characters: They haven't changed that much in Grim & Evil, so no issues. And their little changes are necessary. Voice acting and dialogues are nice.

    Humor: Dark, evil, Sci-fi humor. Well executed.

    Art: Great art designs like TGAoBaM, no problems.

    Overall: 10. Needs to come back. It only lasted for one season! And it got replaced by a crap cartoon!