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  • Season 2
    • Malani the Warrior
      Malani the Warrior
      Episode 22
      The classic tale of you loving someone but them loving someone else is brought up in this episode as the Ewok Games begin and Wicket falls for the female warrior, Chirita. Meanwhile, Teebo's younger sister, Malani, has grown quite fond of Wicket and attempts to win his heart by proving she's a warrior. But when she is convined to steal the Sunstar under the advise of two slug-type creatures, she fails to see that the two are not assisting her in getting Wicket's affections but rather using the Sunstar to turn the forest moon of Endor into their own paradise - full of mud!moreless
    • Party Ewok
      Party Ewok
      Episode 21
      Kneesaa isn't exactly the best host for a party. Basically she'll do something like show her acorn collection and her guests would fall asleep. So when Chief Chirpa informs his daughter that she is to hold a party for the arrival of Prince Delvy not even Kneesaa believes she'll be able to entertain but Latara has different ideas. Their party doesn't go exactly to plan however when a group of bandits - known as the Pugs - rudely interrupt and worse yet, the Ewoks mistake the Pug leader as Prince Delvy.moreless
    • Battle for the Sunstar
      The evil Dr Raygar, working for the Emperor, advises Imperial Admiral Kaaz that he plans to steal the sunstar from furry little creatures called Ewoks. Below, on the forest moon of Endor, Wicket, Latara, Kneesaa, and Teebo are talking Gin-Jang berries to the nest of baby Gubas when they come across a helpless creature in a peculiar trap. When Latara accidentally - well rather as a result of a clumsy Teebo - gets caught in the trap herself, Teebo unleashes a magic pouch which frees her and the creature but soon the four Ewoks all find themselves captive when giant robots, controlled by Raygar, attack. Imprisoning them on his ship, Raygar heads off to the Ewok village where he steals the Sunstar. Meanwhile, the trapped woklinfs come across a mistreated droid (PD-28) who helps them escape into a "flying canoe" pod. When the four Ewoks arrive back at their village, they realise they are too late but nevertheless are soon on their way into space, tracking Raygar as he returns to an Imperial Star Destroyer. With the Ewoks close behind, their pod is allowed to dock thanks to PD-28 who concocts a story to his Imperial superiors that he was captured by the Ewoks but escaped. Regardless, Admiral Kaaz orders PD's destruction. Wicket, Latara, Kneesaa, and Teebo decide to split in pairs (sounds familiar) as they not only attempt to rescue PD-28 but also the Sunstar which Raygar plans to use to replace the Emperor and rule the galaxy himself....moreless
    • Bringing Up Norky
      Bringing Up Norky
      Episode 19
      Wicket is annoyed that his mother has agreed to look after a marsupial-type creature named Norky for the day. Wicket expresses to Teebo that everyone he stays over he gets Wicket into trouble and sure enough, Teebo is quick to find out - as is Kneesaa and Latara - exactly what the Ewok warrior means. Of course, to the elder Ewoks, Norky appears to be a well-behaved, polite little creature but the Woklings know better. Planning a trick, they send Norky off to the 'Vacant Valley' having him believe there is treasure but the Woklings soon learn that the place they sent him is in a state of dangerous adjustment......moreless
    • Just My Luck
      Just My Luck
      Episode 18
      Malani is busy attempting to paint a portrait of Baga but things don't exactly go well for the little wokling and she's ready to give up. Wicket reassures her not to give up on her dreams and relates the story about how he almost gave up on wanting to become a warrior.... Teebo has just past his test to become a Wizard's apprentice, Kneesaa passes her test to rule the village one day, and Latara has shown her ability in making "designer" hoods. Now the weight rests on Wicket successfully passing his warrior test but he is so nervous that his friends assist with Teebo asking the help of a lucksprite. Problem is, this creature is a bad-lucksprite and with his help, Wicket fails the test miserably. Given a new career choice of being a Bordock stable sweeper, Wicket gives up on becoming a warrior but his friends are determined to make things right.moreless
    • The Tragic Flute
      The Tragic Flute
      Episode 17
      Kneesaa is resting by a lake when her ankle bracelet falls into the water. Her fears of having lost it forever rest on a sea creature who emerges from the water. She tells him that she has lost an ankle bracelet and he presents a golden band with jewels asking if this is the one. She admits its beauty but says it isn't hers. The creature presents another ankle bracelet, also made of gold and once again asks the question. Kneesaa again tells the truth by saying it isn't it. He then presents her bracelet and she acknowledges it to belong to her. The creature, impressed with her honesty, presents her with all three bracelets much to her delight. Kneesaa tells the story when she returns to the village and Latara is determined to replace her flute (one which Wicket and Teebo worked hard at making for her) with a more startling one. She heads of to the lake and drops her flute into the water. When the creature emerges he presents her with a magnificent gold flute asking her the question if it belongs to her. She ends up saying all three of hers and the creature, angry at her for lying, takes her captive deep below the sea in his 'Coral Castle'. Wicket, Kneesaa, and Teebo rush to save her and learn that the creature is King Albo. Upon coming across Latara, they are all trapped but the King gives them a chance of freedom. However for this to happen he makes a little test for Latara. If Latara succeeds, she and her friends are free to go. If she fails, then the King keeps all four Ewoks trapped in his castle forever......moreless
    • Horville's Hut of Horrors
      The carnival has come to the Ewok Village. Wicket and his friends are told to take the Woklings to see the Tumble Bunnies Show, but the young Ewoks are drawn towards the Hut of Horrors instead. With Malani, Wily, Nippet and Winda scared out of their wits, the older Ewok children have their work cut out trying to stop their parents from finding out about their disobedience.moreless
    • Baga's Rival
      Baga's Rival
      Episode 15
      Baga, the Ewok's light hearted beast of burden, is shown up by a magical unicorn named Silky. Sinister Silky is actually attempting to win the Ewoks over and steal the Sunstar.
    • Prow Beaten
      Prow Beaten
      Episode 14
      The Duloks end up with the sacred fish carving that is the center of the Ewok fishing festival. Wicket and company go on a rampage, destroying King Gorneesh's new boat in an attempt to get it back.
    • The Season Scepter
      The Season Scepter
      Episode 13
      Latara and Kneesaa are enjoying the summer season by sunbaking when an adventurous Wicket decides to do a bit of surfing, resulting in saturating Latara as he comes to shore. Teebo, attempting to help his favourite Ewok, uses a little magic to create a small breeze in the hope of drying Latara but to his surprise - as well as all the other creatures on the forest moon of Endor - strong winds and winter snow prevail and cover the entire moon. Fearing Teebo is responsible, he and his friends head to Logray's hut to get help but the Ewok wizard is no where to be seen. Glancing at the blazing sunstar, the four woklings notice a message inside from the Leaf Queen asking for Logray's assistance. With Logray missing, Wicket urges his friends to head off to the Sun palace to assist the Leaf Queen and her sister, the Flower Queen, and brother - the Sun King. Upon arrival they learn that the change in the weather was not in fact caused by Teebo but a result of the season scepter being stolen by the Snow King and his mistress, Oodra who plan to use it to acquire the Sunstar....moreless
    • A Warrior and A Lurdo
      Wicket wants to prove he can make any Ewok a warrior within a day and bets on it with Latara. If he wins she had to sweep his hut. If she wins he has to babysit her younger brother and sister. The odds begin to point towards Latara's favour however when she nominates Teebo to be Wicket's trainee and the task of taking on a large beast - that has created a dam to keep the water for itself - seems even more daunting....moreless
    • Hard Sell
      Hard Sell
      Episode 11
      Wicket, Teebo, Latara, and Kneesaa find themselves pitted against each other when they join a sales competition after visiting Moof and becoming envious of acquiring Eordor tusks. Moof , who's got the flu, offers the tusks as a prize to the Ewok who can trade the most of his/her products. It's boys vs girls but neither has too much success so they resort to confronting the Bowbog - the meanest creature in the forest.moreless
    • The First Apprentice
      An evil Ewok magician named Zorak, who years ago was exiled from the village, seeks a new apprentice in the form of Teebo. Teebo, who has slowly been learning magic under the watchful eye of Logray, has been a little impatient wanting to learn the more powerful tricks. Logray has declined to teach him at this early stage and so when Zorak offers him his chance, Teebo follows the dangerous magician. But when Logray learns of this he and Teebo's little friends - Wicket, Kneesaa, and Latara - all set out to rescue the young apprentice only to find themselves captured by Zorak. It's up to Teebo to save the day....moreless
    • Gone With The Mimphs
      When the Ewok warriors head off to hunt for the Heradak - a giant beast - Wicket wants to join in, but both Chief Chirpa and Latara claim he is too young, labelling him as a Wokling. His ego crushed, Wicket sets out by himself to capture the beast, but upon encountering the Heradak, the little warrior winds up unconscious down stream and wakes to find himself tied up by small creatures called the Mimphs. While Teebo, Kneesaa and Latara set out to look for their friend, afraid he may be dead, Wicket and the Mimphs find themselves in trouble when the Heradak finds the village.moreless
    • Night of the Stranger
      On a mysterious night, two moons surrounding Endor eclipse one another and a wormhole opens from which a comet appears and consequently plummets to the forest moon. In the Ewok village, Logray informs Wicket and Teebo that he senses evil afoot and ventures off to find it's source. Wicket and Teebo, disappointed that they cannot join the Ewok magician on his quest, find a new task when they witness the comet falling to the forest. Interrupting a warrior ceremony, Wicket and Teebo inform Chief Chirpa of the fireball but when the leader of the Ewoks searches for a bright light in his telescope he only sees a Lantern bird and angrily orders the two Woklings away.
      Not giving up, Wicket and Teebo - along with Kneesaa and Latara - decide to search for what they strongly believe was a comet. Upon finding the fallen rock however, they are surprised to learn that something was actually contained within the comet and has since broken free, unaware that this "something" is actually the evil "Night Spirit". As the Ewoks carry the remnants of the comet towards their village, they find strong protest from the Soul Trees who sense the evil associated with the rock and destroy it. Meanwhile, the Night Spirit approaches the swamp of the Duloks where it orders them to attack the Ewok village so it may acquire the "Sunstar".

      As our four favourite Woklings return to the village, they find it under attack from the Duloks - a diversion while the "Night Spirit" steals the "Sunstar". When Chief Chirpa learns that their precious stone is gone, he sends an army - despite Wicket attempting to tell him otherwise - to reclaim the "Sunstar" from the Duloks. Wicket, and his friends, decide it's up to them to save the day, and head off to find the evil spirit who is not only planning to use the "Sunstar" to allow hundreds of exiled "evil spirits" to return to the forest moon, but has also captured Logray.......moreless
    • A Gift for Shodu
      A Gift for Shodu
      Episode 7
      Wicket and Teebo are working in Logray's hut on finding a birthday gift for Shodu (Wicket's Mother) but Teebo's magic ain't exactly up to speed yet. Wicket however, comes across an old map to a lost temple which apparently contains treasure, which instantly makes Latara part of the team. Kneesaa reads further and says that Ewoks must never enter the temple, but who listens to Kneesaa?? The Wickets head off to the temple and upon activating a booby trap they fortunately miss the perils of the trap and find themselves in a room full of gems. The room however is not without its problems too - namely a large dragon. The Woklings escape with but two gems. On their way home however, the Duloks (King Gorneesh has dispatched his troops to find a gift for his wife) learn of these gems and plan to take them for themselves. To make matters worse, we learn that the gems ain't exactly what they appear to be.....moreless
    • The Totem Master
      The Totem Master
      Episode 6
      While picking dangleberry juice the four Woklings come across a strange visitor who asks for a refreshment and offers them a totem in exchange. Despite Kneesaa's warning that you shouldn't aceept gifts from strange creatures, the visitor (referred to as the Totem Master) feeds on Wicket's ego claiming an warrior should have a totem. Wicket accepts and takes it to the village. However, that evening , while the Ewoks sleep, the totem comes alive with the statues turning into creatures and ransacking the village. The 'Totem Master', who controls the totem with a special ring, appears and leads his troops away with their fortune but not before Teebo, who witnesses this event, is turned into part of the totem himself. The following morning the Ewoks awake to learn that many of their possessions are gone - particularly Latara. Wicket, who actually witnessed the event last night but thought it was a dream, heads off with Latara and Kneesaa to find the 'Totem Master'. Upon finding him however, Latara approaches without thinking and also becomes part of the totem. Now it's up to Wicket and Kneesaa to rescue their friends with the risk of also becoming totem pole captives...moreless
    • The Raich
      The Raich
      Episode 5
      The Shadow Night Festival is approaching and Wicket and Latara are in search of costumes. Coming across a golden cap at the top of an oddly-shaped tree, Wicket - despite warnings from Teebo - declares it must be his. But upon taking the cap, the tree transforms into a gigantic monster known as 'The Raich' a creature which has the power to control the animals in the forest. When Baga, Kneesaa's pet, is beckoned by 'The Raich', our four favourite woklings rush to find Logray and ask his help. The other Ewoks, already alerted that the Raich has been released, mock the fool that took the cap, unaware - and thankfully on his part - that Wicket was responsible. Logray informs them that this giant beast once roamed the forest, luring animals to it's dwellings where it would feast on them. Thankfully a person named "the Two-headed" Gunster made a magic cap which, when placed on a small opening on the Raich's head, turned it into a lifeless tree. With this knowledge, Wicket, Teebo, Latara, and Kneesaa head off to find this odd "Two-head" Gunster before Baga and other animals become fodder for the evil 'Raich'.......moreless
    • Princess Latara
      Princess Latara
      Episode 4
      Queen Sluga is looking for a bride for her son Prince Vork and sends her guards to find an Ewok Princess. Coincidentally, Latara wishes she were a princess so Neesa allows her to play the part for a day and cons Wicket and Teebo to act as loyal servants. But Latara takes her power trip a little too far and Wicket and Teebo quit, leaving Latara by herself. Sluga's guards, witnessing the charade before and believing her to be a real princess, seize the perfect opportunity to capture Latara and take her back with them to be wed to the vile, Prince Vork, It's up to Wicket, Neesa and Teebo to stop the proceedings before it's too late.moreless
    • Home Is Where The Shrieks Are
      When Wicket continually gets nagged by his mother to tidy up, he decides its time to leave home, and together with Teebo, moves into an abandoned treehouse apparently haunted by the shrieks.
    • The Wish Plant
      The Wish Plant
      Episode 2
      Kneesaa is proving not to be the greatest gardener when all the plants she's been looking after have died. Despite this she is approached by the 'Leaf Queen' who asks her to look after a pretty plant for three days. The 'Leaf Queen' says the key the maintaining it is by loving it but nevertheless Kneesaa is worried the plant will die in her hands. Problems get worse when the Woklings discover the plant to be a wish plant and Latara and Wicket, in particular, get a little greedy on the wishes. For every wish the plant looses a leaf and by the time Kneesaa gets her hands on it again, it ain't looking too good. The 'leaf Queen' returns and Kneesaa claims the plant to be sleeping and that she'll have to visit later. Skeptical, the Queen threatens that if there is something afoul here she will turn the perpetrators into leaves. Kneesaa, Wicket, Teebo, and Latara hurry in their quest to repair the plant....moreless
    • The Crystal Cloak
      Wicket is awarded the 'belt of honour' meaning he is ready to begin the path of becoming a warrior - a task he believes will take only a week. His self-confidence however could get him in more trouble than it's worth when Latara asks his help to retrieve 'the crystal cloak' from the terrible Groca of the Floating Mountain, a winged creature who stole the cloak from the Ewok's village many years ago....moreless
  • Season 1