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  • My favorite Star Wars series

    After watching the Star Wars films, I am now in a Star Wars kick! And after watching a few episodes on YouTube, I loved this show, and also the new CGI series The Clone Wars. And besides I love the Ewoks, they're cute.

    This series starts in a time before the events in The Return of The Jedi, and follows the adventures of the Ewok (who's from the film) named Wickett and his friends, as they face many dangers in their world of Endor.

    I really like the relationship between Kneesaa and her papa Chirpa. I mean, when Chirpa became a widow and believed that his older daughter Asha was missed, he chose his only child Kneesaa (until Asha's return) to be his heiress, teaching her all his job. This double familiarity (between father-and-only-child and master-and-apprentice) made Kneesaa very close with her father. You know, I think the episode where Kneessa finds Asha is one of my faves; I think first series was better. So that's all I have to say.
  • Friends for ever, Ewoks!!

    So, I have to admit, when I was little I didn't watch Ewoks nor Droids, the problem was that they showed them so early in the morning (at least in my country)... But now, that I'm a big Star Wars fan, it was kind of an obligation to watch it, so... I did...
    Ewoks is a great cartoon show, even better than Droids, it's fun to watch, the jokes are meant for little kids but it can take a laugh out of you; the characters are very likeable and the voices are pretty funny; the main character is Wicket, (the one who bonds with Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi), he is a very curious and friendly ewok.
    One of the most interesting things of this cartoon is that the final episode shows the Empire's invasion to the Endor Moon, a very nice nod to the movie "Return of the Jedi"...
  • Join Wicket and the gang as they fight off creatures no one but the local Star Wars geeks have heard of. The Animation is ok on this show but don't get your hopes up.

    While this show isn't as thrilling as Clone Wars or other Star Wars shows. We have to give it respect none-the-less. As you watch the show just remember it's made for children and was written in the 80's. This doesn't do to much for it but it has it's moments and a few thrilling parts.

    One of the only good things about this show is you get to see those cute little teddy bear ewoks somemore. I really think they should have more time in the movie. Or wait better yet a movie titles "Ewoks Rule" yeah thats it ewoks rule.

    Anyway about the cartoon i would rather watch this over droids.