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X-D the Movie

Aired Unknown Apr 20, 2002 on
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X-D the Movie
The éX-Driver movie revolves around the éX-Driver world cup held in California. It seems to be the biggest (maybe only) motor sports event in the future. Lisa, Lorna and Souichi are the representatives of éX-Driver team Japan, although only Lorna will be racing since Lisa and Souichi failed to qualify in Japan, there reserve drivers. The movie starts with a chase. Lorna, Lisa and Souichi stop a runaway and meet Angela, the daughter of Rico who the sponsor of éX-Driver team USA and a former Mafia boss. They soon discover an elaborate plan to gamble on the results of the race, apparently Angela is trying to stop her father form gambling. Lorna and Souichi get arrested for driving right-hand-drive cars in the US (the Lancia was left-hand-drive) but they clear up everything. Angela and Souichi later get kidnapped by Wang, the rival of Rico and sponsor of éX-Driver team China. They eventually become friends and escape. Later on, together with Lisa and Lorna they make some kind of plan to stop the gambling. As the race starts the bets are placed. Lisa, Souichi and Angela (Lorna is at the race) go there to try to stop it. The gambling was not what they thought… it was actually a plan catch somebody who had been trying to steal the money of éX-Driver sponsors… the real bad guy turned out to be Joe, Angela's brother (adopted). Joe takes Angela hostage and takes all the money and escapes in an AI truck. The AI truck makes its way to the track and smashes up most of the cars before making its way to the road. Lorna manages not to get hit and joins Lisa and Souichi as they chase the truck, other éX-Driver teams follow to but there cars get smashed up leaving only Lorna, Lisa and Souichi. Joe had a car stashed in the back of the truck and makes his (second) getaway. Angela is still in the truck as it continues down the road. Souichi hops on board the truck but can't stop is because its driving program was erased. Souichi is able to lower an access ramp at the back of the truck which lets Lorna drive the Lotus in to get Angela, Lisa follows with the Stratos to get Souichi but before they can get off the truck the ramp breaks. To makes things worse… the road is about to end… at a ravine. They only have one chance to get off… when the trailer drops to ground level at the truck drives off the cliff… they make it off with no problem. After rescuing Angela they go after Joe. Souichi pulls up next to him… does a break-slide and makes Joe's car flip over. Joe gets arrested. In the end the éX-Driver race is held and Lisa and Souichi are allowed to race (due to overwhelming demand)moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The driver names are printed on the car doors. In some scenes (like the one on the truck) where the doors of the Lancia Stratos are shown they read "Risa Sakakino" which is Lisa's name in the Japanese language version of éX-D. Seems like they missed that when they did the English dub. But in most scenes they read "Lisa".

    • Although it's set in America, there was only one American car… Joe's Corvette, even éX-Driver team USA din't use American cars; Kelly was driving a Datsun 'Fairlady' 240Z (Japanese) while David drove a Porsche 911 (German). It's not so much of a goof but you would think that Americans would drive American cars. The Japanese don't drive Japanese cars too. Lorna's Lotus and Souichi's Caterham are British while Lisa's Lancia is Italian. Again it's not so much of a goof… but it would make some sense if éX-Driver's drove cars from there own country; like Japanese driving Japanese cars and Americans driving American cars.

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  • NOTES (2)

    • Joe's car is a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette with a flame paint job (identified as a '63 model because of it's split rear window)

    • Lorna's Lotus Europa is different from how it appeared in the éX-Driver series, apparently Mr. Ogawa converted the body, the wheels are different too. Lisa's Lancia Stratos is pretty much the same as it was in the series except that the rally driving light cluster in the front was removed and the headlight were retracted. Souichi's Caterham Seven is unchanged from the series. All the cars gets much bigger 'éX-D' graphics and have sponsor decals (during the éX-Driver series they only had small 'éX-D' graphics)


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