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When the éX-Driver's run into problems stopping a run away car an éX-Rider shows up… like an éX-Driver but on a bike instead of a car! Lisa again thinks she's about to meet her ‘dream man' but is disappointed to find out that the éX-Rider is a girl… Rei Kazama an éX-Rider with a free agent license who goes around on her own and stops run away cars. Later that night while Rei is doing Maintenance on her bike Souichi peeks in the garage (it turns out that in the future bikes are more of a rarity than cars) Rei triks him into doing all the maintenance on the bike (Mr. Ogawa wanted to do it but she din't let him) after that Lisa and Lorna mistakenly think that Souichi was trying to see Rei naked in the shower even though it was just a misunderstanding… Rei walks out naked and Souichi passes out when he sees her! No episode is complete without a chase at the end… this time there are two simultaneous runaway cars that cause so much congestion that Lorna and Lisa's cars get boxed in the traffic and they can't move. It's up to Rei and Souichi to stop the runaways. With Shoichi riding along on the bike they go after the first run away but get hit, injuring Rei's ankle in the process. Since changing gears on a bike requires using your toes, they improvise with Souichi operating the shifter and taking out the sensors while Rei did the rest of the driving (riding?). after Rei and Souichi stop the first run away, the traffic clears up and Lorna and Lisa take care of the second runaway with no problem.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Mr. Ogawa was quoted saying that the bike was 'capable of doing 12,000 revs' but the tachometer on the bike only reads to 11,000 rpm. This again is a mistake in the dubbing to english.

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    • NOTES (5)

      • in the scene where Lisa gets held up in the traffic the Stratos is shown with its head lights retracted (they are in the open position almost all the time in the series but were mostly retracted in the movie) but its only that scene... the lights are back up for the rest of the episode.

      • Rei has a different technique of stopping runaway AI cars… smashing the sensors with a baton instead of shooting them out.

      • Rei's bike is a Ducati 900 supersport (SS)… the éX-Driver official site says it's a 1991 model making quite vintage since éX-Driver is set 100 years from now. Although Lorna and Lisa's cars are much older; the Lotus Europa and Lancia Stratos were both built in the late 1970's (my guess is 1976 for the Stratos and 1975 for the Europa). Also to add, Souichi's Caterham Seven would have been an early 1990's model (my guess is 1994 or 1995)

      • The ending theme, Sniper is revised and the lines that say éX-Driver are changed to éX-Rider as well as some of the Japanese lyrics.

      • Nina A Thunder (the girl at the base that sends the data about the runaway cars to Lorna's in-car-computer) and Rei Kazama know each other from before… next episode we find out they were part of a previous éX-Driver team

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