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Excel Saga

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Excel Saga is pretty much an anime for otaku, or people who are otherwise well-versed in anime films and series. Adapted from the gag manga by Koshi Rikdo, it (sorta) tells the story of Excel Excel, an overly-energetic young woman working as a secret agent for the Secret Ideological Organization ACROSS, under the somewhat eccentric evil-overlord wanabee Lord Ilpalazzo. With her partner Hyatt, a soft spoken young lady who has a habit of fainting or even dropping dead, then spontaneously coming back to life, and her pet dog/emergency food supply Menchi in tow, Excel bungles and blunders her way through episode after episode full of pop culture references from both Japan and the United States. Somewhere in the mix is Excel's next-door-neighbor Watanabe and his roommates Iwata and Sumiyoshi, the mysterious action hero Nabeshin (avatar of the show's director), a band of impossibly (and deceptively) cute aliens called the Puchuu, and a whole host of other crazy characters who do little, if anything, to advance what passes for a story.moreless
Brett Weaver

Brett Weaver


Jay Hickman

Jay Hickman


Jessica Calvello

Jessica Calvello

Excel Excel (Episodes 1-13)

Kotono Mitsuishi

Kotono Mitsuishi

Excel Excel (Japanese version)

Larissa Wolcott

Larissa Wolcott

Excel Excel (Episodes 14-26)

Wataru Takagi

Wataru Takagi

Koshi Rikdo (Japanese version)

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  • Worst anime ever bar none.

    I really really wanted to like this show and i tried to give it every chance but in the end the main charecters constant yak yak drove me nuts.

    I had just finished watching outlaw star and really wanted something good,When i saw the main character the first thing i thought was that the main char would be like Aisha Clanclan,Was i wrong.

    Win some lose some i suppose.

  • A legendary anime comedy!

    Excel Saga is a 1999 Japanese anime comedy from J.C. Staff about a 'secret' organisation known as ACROSS who plan to conquer the world by first taking over F City (aka Fukuoka). But unfortunately for Lord Ilpalazzo, ACROSS's CEO, things don't exactly always go to plan due to his only staff member, Excel, who always manages to completely fail every single mission that is given to her. Excel Saga is one of those shows that due to it's weirdness, most of the time you don't exactly know what the heck is going on. But at the same time you are having so much fun watching it that you don't care. To sum it up, Excel is a highly enjoyable anime comedy that I recommend to anyone and everyone who enjoys a good laugh.moreless
  • possibly the only anime you will never ubderstand but youll just keep re-watching

    so there is a girl, named excel excel, she lives in an apartment...moves from job to job, has a dog named Menchi, a roomate named Hyatt who has a tendency to die several times each episode from everything from a bomb to a light gust of wind, and they are both henchman for the great lord Ilpalazzo, the leader of the organization know as acrross, whos mission to take over the world for the greater good, well, in 26 episode, never even gets off he ground. its zany, sometimes stupid, quite pointless, but probably the funniest thing youll ever watch...just dont expect to find a plot, storyline, or any kind of order to it...or youll qouickly ind urself in a stuper.moreless
  • Don't bother with the anime. Go for the manga instead.

    First of all, the anime is one of those things that "takes it out of context." I think it greatly takes the manga out of context. While it does borrow an occasional storyline from the manga, the anime series is geared more towards those with chronically low attention spans. When watching, it's best not to watch it in English unless you want Excel's voice to cut through your head. The best bet is subtitled, but then you need to pause it every five minutes to catch what was said. I figured this out using the manga: the reason they did this was because Excel talks in excessive amounts in the manga and the only way they could fit that in was the speed up her dialog.

    The voices aside, the plot (or lack thereof) is ridiculous. They cut from one genre to another while making up schemes for the Across girls to take part in. Why? Like I said earlier, Excel Saga: the anime is for those with chronically low attention spans. My advice to you is to get the manga. There's a lot of character development throughout the first ten volumes (though it's more entertaining that it sounds) and once you get through that, Across has a legitimate attempt at taking over Fukoka, Japan. Bottom line: Either don't bother with the anime and read the manga or read the manga first and go to the anime with caution afterwards. You get a better bang for your buck with the manga.moreless
  • Excel is a key member of Across and ranks below only the organization's enigmatic leader, Ilpalazzo.The city is defended by a shadowy government agency led by Dr. Kabapu, whose subordinates engage Excel and her junior officer, Hyatt, on several occasions.moreless

    The manga focuses on the various missions Ilpalazzo's agents undertake as a part of their city conquest, the exploits of the Department and its members, and sometimes a study of an individual character. Beginning with volume nine, Excel and her comrades repeatedly attempt to make appeals directly to the people of Fukuoka, leading to inconclusive confrontations with the Daitenzin. Ilpalazzo, however, personally reveals Across' existence and intentions to the citizens of Fukuoka in volume thirteen. In volume fourteen, the agents' cover is blown, ultimately leading to Hyatt's capture, and, through various twists Excel and Elgala being held in an immigration detention center. In volume fifteen, Ilpalazzo intervenes directly to help his officers, regroups, confronts Kabapu, and spearheads the new, commercial phase of his city-conquest. The manga contains two notable subplots closely related to the main storyline: the first explores the origins of Kabapu and Ilpalazzo as well as Ilplazzo's mental state. The second, which begins in volume twelve, concerns mysteries surrounding Shioji's parents, notably his mother's behavior and his father's disappearance. Throughout most of the anime, Across and the Daitenzin interact either indirectly or at arms-length. Like early chapters of the manga, many episodes focus on a particular training or preparatory mission assigned by Ilpalazzo or Kabapu to their subordinates. The anime also follows the attempts of Pedro to regain his life and to avenge himself on That Man. This subplot is reviewed and enlarged in episode eighteen, which reveals that the Great Will of the Macrocosm and Pedro's "Sexy Wife" are in fact one being, and that Pedro and Sandora are both destined to become Nabeshin's students and to confront That Man. There is only modest continuity between episodes—each being "a parody of a different genre". Nevertheless, episodes twenty-two through twenty-five "scrape together all of the disparate story elements into something resembling a plot", culminating in Pedro's final confrontation with That Man and the battle for F City between Across and the Daitenzin.moreless

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