Excel Saga

Season 1 Episode 24

For You, I Could Die

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 2000 on
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After Koshi Rikdo declares this episode to be gag-free, an amnesiac Excel gives the performance of her life after being rescued by the surviving members of the Safety Assurance Agency (i.e. all of them). But as she copes with her betrayal and tries to recover her identity, Ilpalazzo is having an identity crisis of his own, as his drive to conquer pushes him further forward. Angst and pointless plot twists abound as Excel searches for ACROSS... and Ilpalazzo struggles with his ambition.moreless

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  • How would have thought that the one without the jokes would seem like the best one.

    This was certainly a very good episode. Makes you wonder what Excel Saga would have been like if the whole series was gag free like this. Excel getting shot by his Lordship in the previous episode had me stunned into silence (and almost tears) and this episode just built on that. I just dread to see the next episode because I know it will shatter all of these feelings about this and the last episode. Best bit would probably be Excel's little monologue at the start, and the whole idea of Excel losing here memory seemed to bring in some really good character development as the hyper crazy but oh so loveable character disappears. But 'forgotten' Excel seems just as great a character as 'hyper' Excel. I actually quite liked 'forgotten' Excel and half hope this version gets to stay but I know this won't be the case.moreless
  • I cried!

    Well not tears but I came close to it. The performance that Excel gave was wonderful. It was great that when she lost her memory that her voice changed and she did not refer to her self in the third person. This meant that it was easier for us to tell that something was wrong. I wonderful episode, maybe I should have cried.

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    • Excel: I don't understand. Why did this end up happening? I don't understand. I don't understand. Something is flowing out of my body. What could it be? What could it be? I don't understand. I don't understand. I'm sure it happened many times. That's right, I have the feeling I've been killed many times, and I was dropped down a hole quite a few times too. Now that I think back, it feels rather uncaring of him. But even so, I tried so hard for him. For him... him...

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode was made to be a tearjerker, which is why Koshi Rikudo removed the gags (see other episode note). This episode shows how much Excel loves Illpalazzo and how much he means to her. When she loses her memory, he is the one that she recognizes the most.

    • Authorization: There's a big fight between Excel and Rikdo Koshi on the beach, as Koshi declares that for this episode of Excel Saga, they will remove all the gags. After giving it his seal of approval, Koshi gets walloped with various items. It seems Nabeshin has a few problems with the concept of a gag-free episode...