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  • Worst anime ever bar none.

    I really really wanted to like this show and i tried to give it every chance but in the end the main charecters constant yak yak drove me nuts.

    I had just finished watching outlaw star and really wanted something good,When i saw the main character the first thing i thought was that the main char would be like Aisha Clanclan,Was i wrong.

    Win some lose some i suppose.
  • A legendary anime comedy!

    Excel Saga is a 1999 Japanese anime comedy from J.C. Staff about a 'secret' organisation known as ACROSS who plan to conquer the world by first taking over F City (aka Fukuoka). But unfortunately for Lord Ilpalazzo, ACROSS's CEO, things don't exactly always go to plan due to his only staff member, Excel, who always manages to completely fail every single mission that is given to her. Excel Saga is one of those shows that due to it's weirdness, most of the time you don't exactly know what the heck is going on. But at the same time you are having so much fun watching it that you don't care. To sum it up, Excel is a highly enjoyable anime comedy that I recommend to anyone and everyone who enjoys a good laugh.
  • possibly the only anime you will never ubderstand but youll just keep re-watching

    so there is a girl, named excel excel, she lives in an apartment...moves from job to job, has a dog named Menchi, a roomate named Hyatt who has a tendency to die several times each episode from everything from a bomb to a light gust of wind, and they are both henchman for the great lord Ilpalazzo, the leader of the organization know as acrross, whos mission to take over the world for the greater good, well, in 26 episode, never even gets off he ground. its zany, sometimes stupid, quite pointless, but probably the funniest thing youll ever watch...just dont expect to find a plot, storyline, or any kind of order to it...or youll qouickly ind urself in a stuper.
  • Don't bother with the anime. Go for the manga instead.

    First of all, the anime is one of those things that "takes it out of context." I think it greatly takes the manga out of context. While it does borrow an occasional storyline from the manga, the anime series is geared more towards those with chronically low attention spans. When watching, it's best not to watch it in English unless you want Excel's voice to cut through your head. The best bet is subtitled, but then you need to pause it every five minutes to catch what was said. I figured this out using the manga: the reason they did this was because Excel talks in excessive amounts in the manga and the only way they could fit that in was the speed up her dialog.

    The voices aside, the plot (or lack thereof) is ridiculous. They cut from one genre to another while making up schemes for the Across girls to take part in. Why? Like I said earlier, Excel Saga: the anime is for those with chronically low attention spans. My advice to you is to get the manga. There's a lot of character development throughout the first ten volumes (though it's more entertaining that it sounds) and once you get through that, Across has a legitimate attempt at taking over Fukoka, Japan. Bottom line: Either don't bother with the anime and read the manga or read the manga first and go to the anime with caution afterwards. You get a better bang for your buck with the manga.
  • Excel is a key member of Across and ranks below only the organization's enigmatic leader, Ilpalazzo.The city is defended by a shadowy government agency led by Dr. Kabapu, whose subordinates engage Excel and her junior officer, Hyatt, on several occasions.

    The manga focuses on the various missions Ilpalazzo's agents undertake as a part of their city conquest, the exploits of the Department and its members, and sometimes a study of an individual character. Beginning with volume nine, Excel and her comrades repeatedly attempt to make appeals directly to the people of Fukuoka, leading to inconclusive confrontations with the Daitenzin. Ilpalazzo, however, personally reveals Across' existence and intentions to the citizens of Fukuoka in volume thirteen. In volume fourteen, the agents' cover is blown, ultimately leading to Hyatt's capture, and, through various twists Excel and Elgala being held in an immigration detention center. In volume fifteen, Ilpalazzo intervenes directly to help his officers, regroups, confronts Kabapu, and spearheads the new, commercial phase of his city-conquest. The manga contains two notable subplots closely related to the main storyline: the first explores the origins of Kabapu and Ilpalazzo as well as Ilplazzo's mental state. The second, which begins in volume twelve, concerns mysteries surrounding Shioji's parents, notably his mother's behavior and his father's disappearance. Throughout most of the anime, Across and the Daitenzin interact either indirectly or at arms-length. Like early chapters of the manga, many episodes focus on a particular training or preparatory mission assigned by Ilpalazzo or Kabapu to their subordinates. The anime also follows the attempts of Pedro to regain his life and to avenge himself on That Man. This subplot is reviewed and enlarged in episode eighteen, which reveals that the Great Will of the Macrocosm and Pedro's "Sexy Wife" are in fact one being, and that Pedro and Sandora are both destined to become Nabeshin's students and to confront That Man. There is only modest continuity between episodes—each being "a parody of a different genre". Nevertheless, episodes twenty-two through twenty-five "scrape together all of the disparate story elements into something resembling a plot", culminating in Pedro's final confrontation with That Man and the battle for F City between Across and the Daitenzin.
  • Everything you've learned about anime and Eastern culture is now insanely poked fun at.

    I'm not quite sure who they aimed this show at, but I just find it fantastic, namely because it's just complete madness. The main character Excel is a teenage girl working for an understaffed idealist organisation who plan to take over the city. A lot of the humour is based on parodying other anime so it helps if you are familiar with other stuff. There isn't much of a storyline to the show, just odd occurances in bizarre situations, which often have you taking a second glances at and giggling. All in all a funny anime, if you aren't really a fan of 'random' humour then I wouldn't really recommend it, if you are on the other hand, just sit back, pop open a beer and prepare to understand very little.
  • Insanely hyperactive in the most perfect way possible!

    My friend showed me this anime, and told me it was hilarious - man, she was right! It had me in tears the whole way through! It was insane, hyperactive, stupid, with just the right amount of random violence - it was just plain perfect in every way. The only thing that annoyed me was the voice of the English dub of Excel - you could barely hear what she was saying half the time :S

    Anyway, a classic, excellent show all round - I would recommend it for anyone and everyone who needs a good laugh now and then!
  • Excel Saga is about a the title character Excel, who works for an ideological secret society called ACROSS; whose aim is to conquer the city of "F" Prefecture...not the world; just a city. Go figure...

    This show is hilarious regardless of how well you know anime in general; though the sight gags and most references are lost on those who know little about anime. The fast frenetic pace makes it hard to keep up with the main character who speaks at a mile a minute pace and often over other characters makes it even harder. The subtitled version is almost impossible to keep up with even for the fastest readers, but lends more humor in that the Japanese VA who does Excel puts much more energy and insanity in the dialogue...lending further credibility to the fact that Excel is wacko!
  • it was a good show cuz it had no serious theme anime with serious themes get boring but in my opinion ecxel saga was crazy and thats what makes it good

    where do I start there where some episodes that where to stupid but still it was realy fu watching it. I dint liked the ending that much but what can you expect of a anime like this one. its worth waching so if you have the time rent or buy the dvds
  • I suppose it could be good but not my cup of tea eh!

    To be hoenst, the show is really stupid. The age certificate of this anime is 15+.. I am sorry but I really do not know a lot of 15 year olds and above who would find this.. cool... or enjoyable to watch.. they would most probably think.. what on earth! Im sorry but not that great when it comes to it. I think they should get rid of all the violence and profanity and make it a childs show because it is really but with added swear words and rudeness.
  • Has it's ups and downs, mainly downs.

    Excel Saga isn't all that bad of a show. Many parts of it are quite humorous and it is by far one of the most original shows I have seen. There is truly nothing else like it. However, I find it quite overbearing. The show itself and its character's, I find to be very obnoxious. Not to mention that the story line are incredibly confusing. Excel is one of the most obnoxious characters I have ever seen on television. If you have never seen this show, let me emphasize, listening to Excel talk is like listening to nails on a chalk board, while, at the same time, listening to Fran Drescher sing a Bette Midler song.
  • Original and so funny!

    I start by pointing out that I'm not a fan of anime shows. Yet it was love at first sight. The show is very original and funny, every single moment you watch it you don't know what to expect from the next frame and, usually, that "mext frame" is going to crack you up! I think the most amazing idea was not to give the show a coherent and "classic" story. This way the writers were able to make this show what it's become. Again: great great work! I would recommend this one even to those who, like me, don't usually watch anime cartoons. Believe me: you won't regret it!!
  • One Crack Team That Might Be Doing Better If They Were On Crack

    \"Excel Saga\" comes from the manga from the same name. Author Koshi Rikdo\'s insane \"take over the world\" manga shares only its name and a few jokes with the anime. In fact, the anime really has nothing to do with the manga (which is the basis for one of the jokes in about episode three).

    Thus the premise of the anime is born. With only a few similarities to the original manga, the anime is an otaku’s heaven. Packed with sight gags and puns, “Excel Saga” pays homage to various fan favorites, from “Galaxy Express 999” and “Love Hina” to “Sailor Moon” and the popular “Resident Evil” video game series. Director Wantanabe Shinichi (who goes by the alias Nabeshin) runs amok, the Excel Girls attempt to become famous, Pedro tries to get his Sexy Wife back from That Gomez, all the while the two crack agents of ACROSS, uber-excited Excel and the chronically ill Hayatt, try to take over the world, er, city of F. Standing in their way is the mysterious Kabapuu and his special city defense force, who just happen to be Excel and Hayatt’s next door neighbors.

    Truly an anime for anime fans, only otaku will truly appreciate all of the jokes. Nothing is sacred in this show, as even popular American icons are given the “Excel Treatment”. “Aliens,” “Titanic” and even Wonder Woman are all parodied, and everyone’s favorite green Jedi Master even makes a cameo appearance. The best part about the show is that ADV has thoughtfully included AD-Vid notes on the DVD to explain the little gags so that even the uninitiated can enjoy the insane humor.

    For something that has the title “Quack Experimental Anime,” “Excel Saga” lives up to the hype. Completely off beat and sometimes extremely offensive (yet in a totally hilarious South Park kind of way), “Excel Saga” proves that the only sense that a person can make out of life is a sense of humor.
  • Ezcel saga is probaly on of the most quackiest anime I've ever seen. About a girl called Excel who gets hit by a truck, story changes for Excel she has to work for a man called Lord El Palazo.

    Excel saga is very funny, and is great fun because the most unordinary event happens. Excel saga can sometimes be qiute violent, they can swear whatever swear word they want and some other pervertedness.

    I would recomend anyone who is 16 and older if you know what I mean.(Look at episode 26)
  • OMG, I have never seen such a hilarious anime to match all my comedy needs until this came into my life. Excel Saga is GREAT!

    I have never seen an anime that has ever been this funny so far, this is right up there with Family Guy or farther then it. Like Family Guy it has hilarious parodies and pure insanity, when it looks like there will be some drama or action, it always becomes comedy. My friend introduced me to this when I decided to let him show one of his DVDs at school and he choose Excel Saga Vol. 1 and I thought it was going to be one of those dramtic/Action/Adventure animes like usual with some small humor or something like that, but this took me by surprise be being pure funny. Excel is 100% insane and the other characters like Watanabe, Iwata, Sumiyoshi, Mitsuya, Kabapu, and the Roppenmatsus are great comic releaf characters to add to the humor, and I love how the staff adds them selves into the show as well, mainly Shinichi Watanabe (AKA Nabeshin). It's a never ending search for a good plot with failures everytime leading to more hilarious stories. Even in the episode "For You, I Could Die" though that one had more drama, it actually had some of the same good humor. I would recommend this to any to any anime lover ir anyone who loves off the wall comedy. If you don't like this at all, I declare you boring.
  • Its hard to say WTF?! When you\'re laughing.

    I watch this on Anime Network\'s on Demand and was first like \"These Japanesse people lost their damn minds!\" But then after 5 minute I\'m laughing my behind off(and I had alot of behind) Excel a crazy woman in love with her boss who if you have watched imported anime seems familiar but never mind them my favorite was Hayate (If spelled it wrong sorry) who has some sickness and often coughs up blood. ^_^ The is out there, unforunately so I hear it is nothing compared to the manga but hey I can\'t find it so I stick wit this overall must see if you want a laugh or just want to look at something thatmakes you go wtf?!
  • Excel Saga is an absolutely hilarious Anime and I would highly recommend it. The humor in this series is great.

    Excel Saga, the story about 2 members of ACROSS, go out and try to fix the world, at least that's what you try to get if you're not laughing too hard (or at least I was laughing too hard anyway). I find the series absolutely crazy and hilarious. HAIL LORD ILPALAZZO~~~!
  • Two agents from an almost un-noticable organization called ACROSS, go on their missions for their leader to try and conquer the city!

    This anime is retarded, in a good way. If you're looking for an anime just for laughs and stupidity, this anime is probably for you. There are practically no serious scenes, and even if there are, they're ruined almost instantly by some retarded funny scene. This show's a bit like Bobobobo Bo-bobo and FLCL. Nabeshin's afro song is hilarious, and all the characters are hilarious, except for maybe one. Even if you don't like anime at all, try this out(unless you don't like it because on how the characters are drawn). It'll give you a different feel from most animes that are out in the US.
  • One of the best Anime parodies ever!

    Unfortunately only those who have watched plenty of Anime (japanese cartoons e.g. Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon) will really be able to appreciate Excel Saga.

    This Anime has numerous references to some of the oldest Animes around and is simply hilarious...... too bad not many of its viewers will be able to pick up on all the jokes.

    But even if you do get a few of the jokes this show is worth getting on DVD. Its quite random and only when you get to the last few episodes will you understand the plot.

    Until then, the show will just seem like a bunch of "nothing". Don't try to anticipate what happens next.

    Sit back relax and enjoy the show.

    PS: Don't bother with the subtitles as Excel speaks too fast and its more important to see what goes on, on-screen than to listen to what she says. She doesn't really say much that makes sense.