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  • What's Up With That Mouth?

    Anyone else distracted by the way she talks out of the right side of her mouth,...what's up with that?

  • Love the Host-

    I feel the Host is EXTREMELY funny, she is quick on her feet and that's what keeps this show interesting.------Plus she's HOT
  • Who Cares?

    I really like this show

    This is our society n we live in
  • Interesting Dating Show

    I watch the show because of Ms. Iliza Shlesinger. Her quick-witted quips gives me laughs throughout the show. I also find her very attractive by the way she carries herself. I think that the people who don't find this show entertaining should "excuse" themselves for being kill joys. They are individuals that would probably be excused on the show and have probably been excused by the men/women in their lives.
  • You have got to be kidding!

    The hostess needs to be excused! Not only is she not funny but when it comes to looks on a scale from one to ten...EXCUSED!
  • excused sucks

    This show just tells us how fucked up this younger generation really is, you have these douche bag guys that figure they are the shit, then you have these asshole women who are just.....well asshole women. I can't believe the shit they are putting on tv these days, reminds me too much of all these little wanna be punks running around.

    So to the producers of this show, Fuck you, go die somewhere. hurry.
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