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  • excused sucks

    This show just tells us how fucked up this younger generation really is, you have these douche bag guys that figure they are the shit, then you have these asshole women who are just.....well asshole women. I can't believe the shit they are putting on tv these days, reminds me too much of all these little wanna be punks running around.

    So to the producers of this show, Fuck you, go die somewhere. hurry.
  • You have got to be kidding!

    The hostess needs to be excused! Not only is she not funny but when it comes to looks on a scale from one to ten...EXCUSED!
  • Interesting Dating Show

    I watch the show because of Ms. Iliza Shlesinger. Her quick-witted quips gives me laughs throughout the show. I also find her very attractive by the way she carries herself. I think that the people who don't find this show entertaining should "excuse" themselves for being kill joys. They are individuals that would probably be excused on the show and have probably been excused by the men/women in their lives.
  • Who Cares?

    I really like this show

    This is our society n we live in
  • Love the Host-

    I feel the Host is EXTREMELY funny, she is quick on her feet and that's what keeps this show interesting.------Plus she's HOT
  • What's Up With That Mouth?

    Anyone else distracted by the way she talks out of the right side of her mouth,...what's up with that?

  • Excuse the hostess

    I Like the show, but I do not care for the Hostess. She needs to be excused! She is rude and degrading to people. So for better ratings I would suggest finding a friendlier/funny hostess.
  • did host had stroke???

    is that why she talks why her mouth on the side??? very unattractive and not sexy degrades people and thinks she is funny. poor choice for a host and stupid 3rd grade geek jokes.

    tip for the host: to make your self more attractive put a paper bag over your head!!!
  • swich it up

    I love this show but they should have at least one gay episode two men and two women.

    Seriously, the only reason i watch this show it for ILIZA, your witty comebacks are SOOO effing funny, Not gay or anything but i would totally rock a chic date w/ you!!!! THANKS FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!
  • ILiza, I think your such a cutie ! I love the way you smile , your so cute !

    ILiza, I think your cool , I've always liked your comedy , your outlook on crap , your a cool chick . I can't believe the haters comments , lol . You are soooo hot girl , I love your smile . Your sooo cute , :) lol I love your jokes & your cute attitude about things . I've always been a fan of your comedy , the first time I seen you do stand up , I was in love :) . Anyway I do think your a sweetie ,love your fast wit , you remind me of myself :) for real.. You come up with some cool stuff , I like your stand up stuff big time . I never get tired of seeing your gorgeous face smile , body ! Your smile is sooo sweet . People are so full of it , if they can't see the beauty , light in your smile they've got problems , period , luv ya , Kevin P
  • Iliza's a name in my life forever.

    Hey Iliza, your the first woman I've ever met who has the same name as my GrandMother. I hear you Iliza but that's not why I enjoy your show. I get a kick out of watching people trying to think up their own ways of creating your show to make it happen. Your a pretty good Host too. I'm sure you and your Cast are all as one though. Good job everyone!
  • Hi Iliza,

    Nice meeting you in New York this past Saturday. Thanks for sharing a couple of minutes. You have range, from your live quick wit comedy to your cool, cute plus, timely fashion, you have it all covered. The thing is, the show excused is hard to watch at 1:30am as that is the scheduled time in New York. Wonder why they did not bump it down from 11:30pm and why they bumped it up so high to1:30am.


  • You lost the best part of the show!

    The best part of the show was the rejects at the door. Worst part is TMI on the date. After they get in the door and you see their profiles pit all 4 against each other why they are the best after they answer one question from the 2 upstairs. Then date and dump etc.
  • 10/10/2012

    i was watching the show and i cant believe they excused "shawn" i think his name was right off the bat, i get he was big but damn he was hella cute!! and the muscles guess they couldnt handle him... I wouldnt have excused him :)
  • 10/19/12

    Wow...Jeremy! That man was handsome. He seemed cool...I mean who knows what to say on TV if you are straight forward? You can't compete with less attractive who have to be funny to make up for their downfalls. Believe me, I know. Ladies...yall messed up!
  • hey girl you are so smart and funny

    i wish that me and you get into a one liner war or the worst pickup lines. (example): girl your purtyer than

    brand new snow tires.
  • Funniest in the "With a vagina" category

    Recently I became aware of "Excused" hosted by Iliza Shlesinger and upon first watching I quickly became certain of two things. A) Her boobs are planning an escape attempt and I want to be there when they succeed, and 2) Craft services (which in the case of a show with a budget this small means the guy who runs down to the 7-11 for burritos) should never provide burritos. Reason? Wardrobe, in a blatant attempt to cut costs, has bought much smaller pants than our intrepid host actually needs, and should she accidentally eat a burrito while wearing those pants....well, it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to see that such a combination would be fraught with peril. Do I like the show? Well, it does indeed have its chubby inducing moments but the real reason I watch is snarky old Iliza. It's seldom you find a woman who is both funny and someone you'd like to undress with your teeth. So, on my 1 to 10 Watch-Don't Watch scale "Excused" gets a 9 and if Shlesinger would jiggle more, a 13. Are you friggin' kidding me? Watch already.
  • Iliza the host is absolutely amazing

    Iliza's acerbic wit makes me drop what I'm doing to tune in. I can't help it. The contestants are interesting, and the game is fast-paced as hell, but Excused would be ordinary instead of extraordinary without Iliza. The pithy outtakes at the end of the show punctuate her appeal. When Excused is pre-empted in Detroit on WADL so the local station can peddle advertorial, which happens sometimes, I get pissed. Seeing Iliza actually makes my day and I'm a curmudgeon, so it takes a lot to make my day. Tonight Iliza poked fun at a blond who was excused for "talking too much." Some guys like a girl who talks. I could listen to Iliza all day.
  • Lliza you are hands down the funniest female i know and i know alot.

    I love that this show brings real people who dont really know how to date so it makes it intresting to watch what there gonna do. Lliza you are getting so much fuel on these losers and why are all the goodlooking people such dingbats(airheads) never fails. One born everyday. keep making me laugh lliza your a great host.

  • COCK JAW ! ! !

    The reason she talks out the side of her mouth is the disease called COCK JAW ! ! !
  • hey lliza

    i am big fan i just love seeing your cute face every time i watch your every time i lke to just go into the and just kiss you on the cheek your just that cute man i just want to eat you up lol sincererly your biggest fan steve
  • Quit dissing the name Bill

    I saw your show last night and you excused a flop jawed guy named Bill. i don't blame you and the girl for excusing him for being a motor mouth. Then you went into a rant about his name being Bill. Bill is a great name! Early colonists had it,, several presidents, and national heros had it. Wild Bill Hickok's real name was James but he went by Bill because it is such a cool name. That particular Bill didn't live up to his great name like most of us, there are exceptions to every rule. Your name is Iliza, c'mon do you have room to dis anybody else's name. Was Miss Minelli sick, Ill Liza. Still your are so hot that you could be named Maude or Gladys, or even Gertrude and we'd still think you were hot. So Iliza take it easy on us Bills, after all we didn't choose our names, and we'll take it easy on all you Ilizas.

    Your fan,

    Bill from Colorado
  • Your knight in shining armor

    Iliza, Your journey is at end. I am your man! I hold the key to all forms of cancer. My IQ cannot be measured.

    RU Game?
  • Interracial relationships not represented on Excused anymore

    I have noticed the participants on Excused are now seemingly racially categorized on each episode. I used to see Black and white together on the show, now I see people's choices according to their race. The US has a Black president that spoke in his inaugural speech that "we as a people need to come I suggest the producers of Excused heed his words and stop playing it safe and worrying about ratings based on the prejudices of some viewers.
  • Pre-op transgender girl wanting to enjoy life as a girl

    Liza, you rock! You are the personality that makes this show a hit:-) You're real, spontaneous, and hilarious in your antics and honesty. Laughed my but off yesterday when you went running after the muscular guy who was excused, and threw yourself at him as he walked out the door. You are too funny!!! Your cue cards as you signed off were hilarious as well!!
  • The Hottest Host!

    Iliza! Beautiful, funny, witty, and did I say Beautiful? On a scale of 1-10 u r definitely a 15.
  • Kick Ass

    I love Iliza, she is so funny and straight up. I don't like reality shows, but I love this one.
  • Wow I'll never watch this crap again

    Just watched 1 episode of this and this Iliza was not funny or clever, more annoying. Mean as hell to some of the girls, and honestly I think a lot more of the guest girls look better than she does. Iliza looks like Tim Roth with a wig. Most of the guys that are guests are pretty dumb, fake laughs at Iliza's comments. Iliza was trash talking a girl on the episode today about her bathing suit saying she'd never wear it in public, well maybe that's cause Iliza can't pull off looking good in public, but she does obnoxious well.
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