CBS Premiered Sep 12, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • ILiza, I think your such a cutie ! I love the way you smile , your so cute !

    ILiza, I think your cool , I've always liked your comedy , your outlook on crap , your a cool chick . I can't believe the haters comments , lol . You are soooo hot girl , I love your smile . Your sooo cute , :) lol I love your jokes & your cute attitude about things . I've always been a fan of your comedy , the first time I seen you do stand up , I was in love :) . Anyway I do think your a sweetie ,love your fast wit , you remind me of myself :) for real.. You come up with some cool stuff , I like your stand up stuff big time . I never get tired of seeing your gorgeous face smile , body ! Your smile is sooo sweet . People are so full of it , if they can't see the beauty , light in your smile they've got problems , period , luv ya , Kevin P