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    Recently I became aware of "Excused" hosted by Iliza Shlesinger and upon first watching I quickly became certain of two things. A) Her boobs are planning an escape attempt and I want to be there when they succeed, and 2) Craft services (which in the case of a show with a budget this small means the guy who runs down to the 7-11 for burritos) should never provide burritos. Reason? Wardrobe, in a blatant attempt to cut costs, has bought much smaller pants than our intrepid host actually needs, and should she accidentally eat a burrito while wearing those pants....well, it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to see that such a combination would be fraught with peril. Do I like the show? Well, it does indeed have its chubby inducing moments but the real reason I watch is snarky old Iliza. It's seldom you find a woman who is both funny and someone you'd like to undress with your teeth. So, on my 1 to 10 Watch-Don't Watch scale "Excused" gets a 9 and if Shlesinger would jiggle more, a 13. Are you friggin' kidding me? Watch already.