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  • Quit dissing the name Bill

    I saw your show last night and you excused a flop jawed guy named Bill. i don't blame you and the girl for excusing him for being a motor mouth. Then you went into a rant about his name being Bill. Bill is a great name! Early colonists had it,, several presidents, and national heros had it. Wild Bill Hickok's real name was James but he went by Bill because it is such a cool name. That particular Bill didn't live up to his great name like most of us, there are exceptions to every rule. Your name is Iliza, c'mon do you have room to dis anybody else's name. Was Miss Minelli sick, Ill Liza. Still your are so hot that you could be named Maude or Gladys, or even Gertrude and we'd still think you were hot. So Iliza take it easy on us Bills, after all we didn't choose our names, and we'll take it easy on all you Ilizas.

    Your fan,

    Bill from Colorado