Exes & Ohs

Season 1 Episode 5

Pole Dancing, and Other Forms of Therapy

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on LOGO



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    • The "Partner Clarification" Rule

      Jen: We're lesbians, you know. In this world, a "partner" can be life partner or a business partner you have to clarify. (shouting) You have to clarify!

    • Jen: Ok, so, um... honestly, what'd you think? Don't hold back, no holding back, I can take it.
      Sam: Jenn, you..you've done something special. You have made sex... boring.
      Chris: It was kind of like a PBS thing-- It was better when you described it.
      Crutch: Yeah, I tried, I fell asleep.

    • Elizabeth: Oh, well, Jenn, this is a big night.
      Jen: Yep. First screening, so...
      Elizabeth: I'm sure it's going to be great. Being nervous is a normal part of the process.
      Sam: (laughs dryly) I love how someone can't just be nervous-- there has to be a process around it.
      Jen: She has some issues with therapy.
      Sam: Therapy's crap.
      Elizabeth: Well, usually the people that think it's crap are the ones that need it most.
      Sam: That's spoken like a true therapist.
      Elizabeth: You're never tried therapy have you?
      Sam: Depends on what kind of therapy you're talking about.
      Elizabeth: The talking kind.
      Sam: I prefer the physical kind.
      Elizabeth: At some point you may actually have to engage your mind.

    • (Kris and Chris discussing what kind of man would make the best sperm donor)
      Kris: OK, a fun, smart, cute guy, who totally loves animals and is a good dancer.
      In Unison: Gay man!

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