Monday 10:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Aug 25, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • A show about what some sweet sixteeners life is after their sweet sixteen.

    I feel these spoiled brats get exactly what they deserve. They are so rotten. I feel they really do need a taste of the real life where they have to work for what they get. A place where they can't call on their mommy and daddy for help. They really need to grow up. I think this could actually do them some good. They can actually learn. Maybe when they get back from this they wil not be as spoiled rotten as they were before. So, I completely love this show. I feel this show will actually make me really happy. I completely love this show.
  • This a good show if you hate My Super Sweet 16 show.

    This show is about when some spoiled brats end up going to places like Africa because they are just too spoiled and they deserve to get a punishment. The girl or guy have to do a lot of things in Africa that don't see fun to do. Now thats something those brats deserve. I saw a preview of an episode and I think it's pretty interesting seeing 16 year old brats suffering doing a lot of they don't want to do at all. If you haven't seen this show, I like said if you hate My Super Sweet 16 watch this because there is a good chance that you'll like this show.