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ExoSquad is set in the early 22nd century, and by that time humanity has made two major advancements. They have developed terraforming methods, which has made it possible for humans to inhabit not only Earth, but Venus and Mars as well. The second major achievement was in the field of genetic engineering, which enabled the creation of a new race, called Neo sapiens. This new race, since it was to be used as slave labor in the mines on Mars, was created to be physically superior to Homo sapiens (referred to as Terrans). A Neo sapien is stronger, larger, and can survive in harsher conditions that his human counterpart. A Neo sapien requires less food and no sleep. One feature denied to the Neo sapien race was the ability to procreate, thus the only way for a new Neo sapien to be created is in a brood chamber. Despite this shortcoming, some Neo sapiens resemble males, while others tend to be considered female. Mentally and psychologically Neo sapiens are similar to Terrans, for they are not any more intelligent and they do experience emotions (although they often seem tempered or dulled).

Neo sapiens had been created decades before ExoSquad epic begins. Fifty years beforehand the Neo sapiens rebelled against their masters, in an attempt to win their own freedom. A new Terran invention, the e-frame, was instrumental in the suppression of the revolt. The exo-frame is a machine that the user climbs into an operates in part by a cybernetic link. The e-frame becomes a larger, stronger extension of the human body (normally 8'-12' tall with two arms and two legs). When equipped with weaponry, such as missiles or machine guns, it becomes a potent weapon. In battle it can act similar to a tank, in that it is heavily armored and carries more firepower than an infantry soldier. Because e-frames have flight capability they are effective in providing air support for ground troops. They are also used in a manner similar to fighters when two opposing space fleets engage each other. An exosquad is, as the name suggests, a squadron of these exo-frames. The Neo sapiens did not have this technology during their first rebellion, and it led to their downfall. Apparently the revolt was not restricted to only Mars, although that is where the uprising was centered. The rebellion was organized by a Neo sapien named Marsala, who later joins the ExoFleet and is a member during the second rebellion. This first Neo sapien revolt was finally supressed by his capture, after his whereabouts were revealed when his captured (by Winfield?) brood brother Phaeton was threatened with death.

Although Neo sapiens were granted some rights, as well as control of the planet Mars, they were by no means equal, de jure or de facto, to their Terran counterparts. Many Terrans continued to harbor prejudice against the Neo sapiens, while others did consider Neo sapiens as equals. The First Neo sapien Rebellion actually did little to change the status of Neo sapiens, and many of them hoped to eventually achieve equality.

The Neo sapiens were not the only disenfranchised people in the solar system. The Pirates are descendants of Earth criminals that were sentenced to hard labor, and were sent to mining operations on the moons of the outer planets. With the creation of Neo sapiens, whose physical abilities made them better slaves, the pirate ancestors were abandoned on those moons. They survived, however, and were able to build spaceships of their own, so that they could attack other (mostly Earth) ships and steal whatever they needed or wanted. Many of them developed a sense of hatred for the Terrans (who lived in luxury) and the ExoFleet (whose sole purpose seemed to be to hunt them), and often the feeling was mutual.

Phaeton, who had ascended to Governor of the Martian Commonwealth, seized the opportunity afforded him by the renewed Pirate threat. Phaeton had been secretly diverting funds from the Martian treasury to the production of military hardware, building guns, ships, and e-frames. Since the Terrans had not given rights to the Neo sapiens, Phaeton was determined to take those rights by force. He supported, though it probably would have occurred regardless of his support, the assembly of a large task force which had the express purpose of going to the outer planets and eliminating the Pirate threat. Most of the ExoFleet's ships and e-frames were dedicated to this effort. The fleet consisted of several ExoCarriers plus support ships, with Admiral Winfield (whose flag was on the Resolute) in command. Once the ExoFleet had reached their destination and had begun engaging the Pirates, Phaeton and his forces struck.

The Neo sapiens quickly and easily conquered the worlds inhabited by the Terrans. General Shiva spearheaded the successful assault of Earth. General Draconis was in command of the force that subdued the relatively sparsely populated Venus. The remnants of the ExoFleet that had not been assigned to the assault on the Pirate moons were quickly overcome and were only barely able to contact the task force before they were permanently silenced.

The task force had successfully reached its first target, and had forced a Pirate withdrawal from the moon Enceladus with relatively minor losses. A temporary crippling loss occurred when Admiral Winfield was knocked unconscious in the course of the battle. Captain Matthew Marcus assumed command of the fleet and ordered the pursuit of the Pirates to their base on Tethys. It was while preparing to attack that they received word of the Neo sapien assault. Captain Marcus froze, and Lt. J.T. Marsh called off the attack. The fleet turned and began the long trip back to Earth, and Marcus was determined to strike at the newly formed Neo sapien Commonwealth. His plan was to attack as quickly as possible, partly because he was angered by the surprise uprising, and partly because the Neo sapiens had not had time to completely consolidate their gains. Marsh objected, and attempted to override the order, on the grounds that the support ships could not keep up with the ExoCarriers, and that attacking without the entire fleet would be suicidal. Marcus had Marsh thrown in the brig and charged with mutiny, and Marsh was sentenced to die.

The Neo sapiens had both their Earth and Martian fleets converge and intercept the approaching ExoCarriers. It was during the battle that Admiral Winfield awoke, and when he did he immediately ordered a withdrawal. Marsh had escaped from his guards with the help of his fellow members of Able Squad when the attack came, and, with Adm. Winfield's permission, took command of four e-frame squads. By directly attacking the Neo sapien flagship he forced the Neo sapiens to redirect their assault, away from the ExoCarriers, giving them the time they needed to escape. Marsh and his fellow Able Squad pilots were all sentenced to spend a year in the brig for the escape, but it was a year during which no battles were fought, since Winfield used the time to repair and rebuild the fleet.

At that point the pace of the war increased, and the Pirates were soon drawn into the conflict. The television show ExoSquad chronicled this future conflict, focusing primarily on the heroic efforts of Able Squad, the e-frame group commanded by Lt. Marsh.


    April 14th, 2009 DVD Releases

  • Janyse Jaud

    Janyse Jaud

    Field Sgt. Rita Torres

    Michael Donovan

    Michael Donovan

    Exotrooper Wolf Bronski

    Lisa Ann Beley

    Lisa Ann Beley

    Lt. Nara Burns

    Garry Chalk

    Garry Chalk

    Exotrooper Marsala / Shiva

    Richard Newman

    Richard Newman


    John Payne (II)

    John Payne (II)

    Alec DeLeon/Earth Resistance Leader Sean Napier

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    • Classic cartoon

      Deep characters and complex themes. I really love how real the characters seem and how the show was written in a way where you really care for the story and how the human race is going to fare against the Neo Sapiens. The villians have complex motives and no one seems one dimensional. Get this series if you see it on DVD!
    • Great show.

      This was a great show. At the time, it seemed like the first cartoon to look at warfare in such a realistic way. We saw the consequences of the main characters' decisions in a way that didn't glorify or seem ultra patriotic. Even though the Neo-sapiens were defeated in the end, it was a long drawn out battle with numerous deaths (some of them main characters). I like that it was more of an adult cartoon that addresses adult issues. It's a shame it didn't get another season. There were unfinished storylines to address: Nara/Marsala, Maggie/Alex (as a computer), the alien encounter at the end of the last episode. At least, it's finally made it to DVD.moreless
    • Ahead of its time, underappreciated, and yet quite possibly the best american action/drama/animated series of all time.

      This series is a personal favorite of mine. If you like The Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Braveheart, Top Gun, and other great action movies/shows and cartoons then you will love Exosquad. Too ahead of its time and underappreciated, it is a series very little known but with a small and very loyal cult following among those who remember it. Its' only downfall is that its an American cartoon thus its animation is not quite as smooth as other cartoons however given the complexity of mech design and action scenes in just about every episode, it is a forgivable flaw not to mention it has a complex story line, superb character development and awesome story telling.

      The story is told from the beginning and it develops very nicely all the way to the end filled with pure action and drama all the way. You can actually FEEL the progress of the series. You fall in love with all the complex characters in the series as they develop. You can feel the struggle and tension between each character and race. There isn't a good side and a bad one, its all relative just like in real life. So you will find yourself rooting for both sides. Every character feels real, they each have their own unique personalities and emotions and they're all lovable: J.T. Marsh is the main protagonist and he's an ace pilot but with responsibilities that demands more from him than good flying and its good leadership for the good of his squad. Then you've got Marsala, one of the most loyal and emotionally driven characters despite the fact that he is seemingly devoid of it because he is a neosapien and he fights alongside the humans. But more than just good characters, you also have all the deep, mature, adult, and serious moral dilemmas involved with the series such as bioethics, political philosophy, the impact of military technology, historic references, and even relationships. And its amazing that you can find all this within a cartoon series packed with action scenes, in fact, the series could have been much longer and complex as the some of the episodes felt a little too hurried. You could almost sense they wanted to fit more in each episode but couldn't because they were restricted to 20 min episodes. Fortunately for those who could disregard its animation flaws given their higher expectations with todays cartoons, you could still view the whole series on google video, just do a search and you'll find ALL the episodes but if you want to go a little further, you can join the myspace group...


      ... you can watch the series there too under blogs. This is a small community trying to get the production company to release the series in DVD sets so the loyal fans such as myself could watch them in full quality as they were meant to.moreless
    • Best show ever. What network will this show air on Monday, January 1, 2007? I must record it and have it for life. I'd buy the dvd, but they don't exist. Please tell me how I can watch it!!!moreless

      What network will this show air on Monday, January 1, 2007? I must record it and have it for life. I'd buy the dvd, but is none for sale. Please tell me how I can watch it!!! This is the best show I've ever watched!!! Great plot, great characters, great themes, great voice acting, etc, etc, etc. The only thing negative about the show is that the action scenes could have been done better, but they are still very good.moreless
    • I loved this show!

      I loved this show! It was ahead of it's time and I honestly don't think was always for kids. In my opinion it dealt with social issues and it also showed what they characters felt as in their struggle for survival. It also sometimes showed how they dealt emotionally with some of the things they did, on both sides, humans and neos; because some the neo scientists did not always believe what they did was the right thing to do. It showed such emotions as greed, sadness, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. It showed what it was like to human, whether you were or not.moreless

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