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Season 2 Episode 37

A Night Before Doomsday (The Fall of the Neosapien Empire 4)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 01, 2007 on USA
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Episode Summary

A Night Before Doomsday (The Fall of the Neosapien Empire 4)
The shuttle carrying Charlie Company is shot down. The battle at Battle Creek between the resistance e-frames and captured tanks and a group of Neo tanks ends, with the resistance victorious. Livia orders Thrax to bring all of his troops from the Amazon to Phaeton City for a final stand, but he tells her that he intends to save as many Neo lives as possible, and plans to surrender to the ExoFleet. This prompts Phaeton to issue orders for a purge of all officers by the Neo lords. Seeing e-frames approaching, Thrax orders all his troops into the jungle. Once Thrax is captured and taken away, Ketzer attacks the Neo base and with only Medusa there has little trouble injecting her with something. Able Squad locates the complex where Phaeton's doomsday device was constructed, but finds that it is now gone. As they leave they are ambushed, and in the course of the battle Stavrogan is killed and Marsh captured. Marsh is then taken to Phaeton City and brought before Phaeton.moreless

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    Teryl Rothery

    Teryl Rothery

    Field Repair Specialist Lt. Maggie Weston

    John Kassir

    John Kassir


    Robby Benson

    Robby Benson

    Lt. J.T. Marsh

    Michael Donovan

    Michael Donovan

    Exotrooper Wolf Bronski

    Richard Newman

    Richard Newman


    Garry Chalk

    Garry Chalk

    Exotrooper Marsala / Shiva

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Anti-matter is a scientific fact. Physics labs are able to produce it in minute amounts but only for theoretical studies. They are produced using a particle accelerator which is also mentioned in the series and just as Algernon describes, when anti-matter comes in contact with regular matter, a huge explosion results.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Thrax: Once, on the planet Mercury, a commander ordered me away from a hopeless battle. Perhaps he saved my life so that I could save yours.

      • Llivia: Coward! Remember what happened to the last traitor in command of the amazon!
        Thrax: Do you imagine that I'm afraid you?

      • Marsh: If we're wrong, the sun may never rise on the Earth again.
        Algernon: The sun is always rising somewhere. Afterall, our darkness means light to the otherside of the world.
        Marsh: Heh, you almost sound optimistic professor. How would a doomsday device work?
        Algernon: If I were going to destroy the Earth and I had as little imagination as Phaeton, I'd simply blow it up!

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