Season 2 Episode 38

Abandon Hope (The Fall of the Neosapien Empire 5)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 01, 2007 on USA

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  • The Bells of Hope

    This is my favorate episode of the show because it's basically all or nothing. I felt it was both an external but also emotional conflict.

    I loved how it was cordinated we saw the EXO Fleet, Jumptroops, and even the Earth Resistance storm Phaton's fortress and the last of his forces, they really want to win and I want them to win because they have to. Phaton has became a villan that I use to feel some sympathy for because I understood his reasons, but then it turned to dislike, then just plain hate when those reasons became invalid as well as the death of Alec D Leonand it was all just simply about one thing power, though the funny thing about it is it never lasts because power never loves you back. I can't help but feel thoughout the show there has been a bit of a parallel contrast between him and most of the characters from the EXO Fleet and a few Neosapians that have gained some common sense. Phaton has devolved he has sort of became more and more inhuman (heck his physical ailment reflects that) when he has divulged into his own shallow desire of becoming sort of a god figure for not just Terians but Neos. And of course his solution for it is a machine that will destroy the entire earth which will kill both Neos and Terrians which I'll admit gave me a cold feeling inside and I thought at that moment, oh my god this guy is fraking insane. In a way it sort of reminds me of this quote, "It's not enough to defeat your enimies but to destroy them completely." So, Phaton is a person of no hope if you can't envision the future.

    But the characters from the EXO Fleet and some Neo Sapians have truely evolved because they have grown in character. We see most of them like Bronsky has someone he loves and have a desire to do something afterward with her. Maggie has discovered her true feelings for Alec even if it was too late. J.T. and Colleen are just begining. Tagagi has truely became more of a man, he has leadership quality now and also is friends with Neo Thrax whom he sees as a person so he harbors no prejudice. I know this may not sound like much but sometimes it's little things love and friendship that are truely big and that truely matter which is what made all of them truely human.

    Now this is just a side note,the feelings Livia is going though are sort of interesting, even though she says she defys the Terrians she actually developed feelings like they have which makes her just as human. We see that she cares about her people and doesn't want anything to happen to them when she sabatoshed that machine, and possibly I think loves Phaton as more than just a friend.
    I'll admit I felt bad for what happened to Livia, I didn't really feel she needed to die but oh well. But what Phaton did to her just goes to show that there is no love within him, even now he's incapable of it. Phaton is right about one thing he isn't human anymore, and the fact he killed Livia was like taking away air to breathe because living beings always need companions and significant others to live with without them you just die. And when we see him in the last minutes of his life it shows the power he loves so much has left him and reduced him to what he is now.

    And I really love what happened at the end, I liked that E-Frame duel between both J.T. and Phaton though I wish it was a bit longer I felt more could of been done but oh well. But the best part was seeing Nara coming in just when it was getting down to the wire, for some reason thoughout the whole show I knew it would be Nara that was going to kill Phaton. Thoughout the whole show she has been the most emotionally afflicted she lost her mom, dad and most recently her brother James. I really love what she says at the end once she takes action there was just real emotion in those lines.

    And of course I could help but just cheer, because it was weapons alone that one the war but it was the strong belief in hope of the future and humanity. The Bells that ring are the bells of hope.
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