Season 2 Episode 39

Beyond Chaos

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 01, 2007 on USA

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  • Future Aftermath

    The sadest thing about this episode and the show was this shouldn't have been the end. It was a set up for a third season we never received, how could they poop out on such a great series while the iron was still hot, it makes no sense and tees me off to no end. They should of made a movie or mini series if this was going to happen but it didn't.

    So I'll give my two cents about the episode, I really love it there really isn't much to say about it, the interesting thing about it is there isn't much action this is more about drama. Were seeing where the characters are going and whats happening in the aftermath.

    I like the fact Wolf Bronski is going with Eve to collage. Kaz is of course going to become a seargent. Marcela along with Naper is rebuilding the future by helping create unity but I really love what Marcela proposed which is very deep, he realized that despite all of the advantages the Neo Sapians have they lacked certain emotions and the ability of true procreation. Without them they are not whole and their race is unable to produce a culture and future of their own. And so he proposed to create one more bread of Neos, whom will feel more human and have the ability to procreate. During this time there was this moment with Shiva and Naper I really like, it parallels to what happened with Naper when Phaton offer to shake his hand but Naper refused due to the prejudices he carried. Naper though now has gotten past his prejudices and offers his hand to Shiva, but we see Shiva refuses however the differnce is it wasn't out of prejudice it was really just a test he gave Naper and everyone, if the ideals of a coexistant future suceed then he'll shake his hand. It just goes to show they've just begun and have a ways to go, in fact everyone does. Though the best moments for me were with the charcters J.T. and Maggie. For J.T. he is left with a decision to either leave exofleet or stay where he will have a bigger responsibility. He is of course reluctant to stay but I can't help but want to ask him what's he going to go back to, heck what else is he going to do once he leaves? Personally I don't think he should leave, after all we see in a conversations Colleen O Reily is going to stay but not because she wants to advance in her career but to see more of space. It's the same desire that J.T. has to fly and see space so he's got a reason to stay. I can't help but feel what happened in the conversation is a set up for what will happen later where J.T. and Colleen's feelings will truely go the extra mile but unfortunately we'll never know.

    And my favorate with Maggie. I love that one conversation Maggie has with Alteron which was actually a supprisingly deep phylosophy about love and it might seem cheasy for some people but I don't believe that, it really is true when you think about it more. But it all leads to the best supprise when we see Alec D Leon back when they made a clone of him with all memories, feelings, and soul intact. Maggie we see is overjoyed and both embrace, I couldn't help but cheer at that moment. It was just a great feeling, just seeing Maggie and Alec getting another chance with one another and I'm always a believer in second chances.

    I liked that last shot in the end when we say those alien ships which looked fish like almost similar to some of the ships and bosses I'd see in the shooter video game series "Darius". Those aliens were obviously suppose to be the new threat for the third season.

    The whole episode in the end just made me wonder so many things, was the plot of the third season going to be the Neo Sapians and Terrians teaming up to stop the new threat, were the aliens really hostile or just a dying race looking for a new system to imagrate to was that going to work in with the drama? The whole subplot with Nara and her developing god like abilities was that going to play a big role somehow? Were there going to be anymore new characters let alone new E-Frames, Jumpsuits, and technology to boot? The romantic relationships were anymore going to form why not for the character Rita Tores she doesn't have anyone I could see someone coming into her life in the third and final season. Could they of gone even further, I could see Alec and Maggie getting married near the end of the third and final season.

    Just so many possibilities that never got ventured, and opportunities all lost. What a shame, well I'll miss this show, EXO Squad was a truely great show that proved that animation doesn't have to be all fun and games but can tell truely deep stories that can grab us on a reflective but also emotional level. EXO Squad and the character in it will fly high in my heart forever.

    Just so many
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