Season 2 Episode 34

One Small Step (The Fall of the Neosapien Empire 1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 01, 2007 on USA

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  • One small step to the unknown fronteer.

    The unknown fronteer is the future because it is always the frounteer that hasn't been ventured and has yet to be.

    I never thought it would happen but it did. One of the reasons I love the show EXO Squad is it really provides no guentees about anything, and this arc anything to everything was possible. This was round one of the final battles in the war, and I really love the way it was conducted, left and right both sides took casulties no one was stoping for anything.

    Alec De Leon was always my second favorate character in the series, and I felt he was really at his best and demonstrated why I love the character. I did like some of the playful banter between Maggie and him. One scene I saw where he glance I agree with him Maggie does have a nice ahem butt, so he's got good taste. However in the last interplay between the two, a part of me wished they would stop with the banter I don't know why but for some reason I felt they need to stop playing.

    The episode has that looming suspense where we want the Exo Fleet to suceed but were not sure what is going to happen because as much as things can go right a lot can also go wrong and it does. We see Aliec in his Exo Unit get crushed a little from a one on one battle he had, and I think it caused him to hemerage. The final moments with him are just emotional as we see him carry out a final heroic act by misguided the Neos. But most of all just seeing him warn O Relly not to make his mistake, to tell J.T. she loves him. I really love that advice, because from what has happened to him it shows no one has all the time in the world and if your going to do something do it now.

    And of course when he died my heart just completely sank and I couldn't help but actually tear up. What saddened me even more was seeing the look on Maggie's face and we see her walk away alone, having that look of regret of the last thing she said to him, and then crying, I always knew she loved Alec and her response just shows how deep those feelings go. This made me all the more sad because I felt like both didn't have enough time together and both were robbed of it.

    Alec wasn't just a hero but a wonderful human being. This first round in the final battle was one small step for man and one small step into the unknown fronteer.
  • THIS is why I love this series!

    Right now, I can't find the words to describe how awesome this series is.

    This is another one of the pivotal emotional moments in the series. With all the losses the other squadrons seem to suffer, JT has always seemed to be the lucky one holding on to the very same squad he's had since the beginning of the war suffering very few casualties... until now. With the loss of Alice Noretti and now his best friend DeLeon, the war weighs heavy on JT's shoulders as it does on his squad. Alec, unlike Alice, was an established character and a valued friend amongst them all. It's even more tragic that he and Weston were unable to express their true feelings for each other before the end. But at least it was a lesson learned for JT Marsh and Colleen O'Reilly as DeLeon hinted to Colleen not to make the same mistake.

    This is a real tear jerker of an episode.
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