Season 1 Episode 5

Resist! (Fall of the Human Empire 5)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 16, 1993 on USA



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  • Quotes

    • (On Earth)
      Tanaka: While you heroes were up there flying around, we were getting slaughtered. You were supposed to protect us.
      Lt. J.T. Marsh: Hold on! Phaeton tricked us like he did everybody else! We lost half the fleet and a lot of good troopers today.
      Tanaka: Yeah? Well we lost our planet.

    • (Boom)
      Phaeton: What's happening?!
      Typhonus: Terran e-frames on a collision course with the bridge.
      Phaeton: Such an attack has no logic. It is suicide. All craft, intercept attacking e-frames!

    • (In the middle of a major battle)
      Adm. Winfield: Alright, what's going on out there lieutenant.
      Lt. J.T. Marsh: Getting beat up pretty good admiral. But if you'll give me half the e-frames, I think I can spring your carriers loose.
      Capt. Marcus: Admiral!
      Adm. Winfield: Quiet captain! Lieutenant, the e-frames are yours.
      Lt. J.T. Marsh: This is able squad leader. Baker, charlie squads, reform on me! All other e-frames return to carriers. Target the neosapien flagship. Divert their fire from our carriers! Concentrate fire on the bridge. We'll make Phaeton wish he never left Mars.

    • (Marsh's reaction upon hearing an order come from Admiral Winfield, who had been in a coma)
      Marsh: I thought you were half-dead sir.
      Winfield: And I heard you were in the brig.

  • Notes

    • Alice Noretti, as yet to be introduced in episode 6, makes her 2nd cameo-appearance in this episode. You get to see her perform a fancy move and crash land in a hangar deck. She also pilots an exo-frame similar to Wolf Bronsky's.

    • Chicago is renamed Phaeton City, and is made the capital of Phaeton's government.

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