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  • Classic cartoon

    Deep characters and complex themes. I really love how real the characters seem and how the show was written in a way where you really care for the story and how the human race is going to fare against the Neo Sapiens. The villians have complex motives and no one seems one dimensional. Get this series if you see it on DVD!
  • Great show.

    This was a great show. At the time, it seemed like the first cartoon to look at warfare in such a realistic way. We saw the consequences of the main characters' decisions in a way that didn't glorify or seem ultra patriotic. Even though the Neo-sapiens were defeated in the end, it was a long drawn out battle with numerous deaths (some of them main characters). I like that it was more of an adult cartoon that addresses adult issues. It's a shame it didn't get another season. There were unfinished storylines to address: Nara/Marsala, Maggie/Alex (as a computer), the alien encounter at the end of the last episode. At least, it's finally made it to DVD.
  • Ahead of its time, underappreciated, and yet quite possibly the best american action/drama/animated series of all time.

    This series is a personal favorite of mine. If you like The Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Braveheart, Top Gun, and other great action movies/shows and cartoons then you will love Exosquad. Too ahead of its time and underappreciated, it is a series very little known but with a small and very loyal cult following among those who remember it. Its' only downfall is that its an American cartoon thus its animation is not quite as smooth as other cartoons however given the complexity of mech design and action scenes in just about every episode, it is a forgivable flaw not to mention it has a complex story line, superb character development and awesome story telling.

    The story is told from the beginning and it develops very nicely all the way to the end filled with pure action and drama all the way. You can actually FEEL the progress of the series. You fall in love with all the complex characters in the series as they develop. You can feel the struggle and tension between each character and race. There isn't a good side and a bad one, its all relative just like in real life. So you will find yourself rooting for both sides. Every character feels real, they each have their own unique personalities and emotions and they're all lovable: J.T. Marsh is the main protagonist and he's an ace pilot but with responsibilities that demands more from him than good flying and its good leadership for the good of his squad. Then you've got Marsala, one of the most loyal and emotionally driven characters despite the fact that he is seemingly devoid of it because he is a neosapien and he fights alongside the humans. But more than just good characters, you also have all the deep, mature, adult, and serious moral dilemmas involved with the series such as bioethics, political philosophy, the impact of military technology, historic references, and even relationships. And its amazing that you can find all this within a cartoon series packed with action scenes, in fact, the series could have been much longer and complex as the some of the episodes felt a little too hurried. You could almost sense they wanted to fit more in each episode but couldn't because they were restricted to 20 min episodes. Fortunately for those who could disregard its animation flaws given their higher expectations with todays cartoons, you could still view the whole series on google video, just do a search and you'll find ALL the episodes but if you want to go a little further, you can join the myspace group...


    ... you can watch the series there too under blogs. This is a small community trying to get the production company to release the series in DVD sets so the loyal fans such as myself could watch them in full quality as they were meant to.
  • Best show ever. What network will this show air on Monday, January 1, 2007? I must record it and have it for life. I'd buy the dvd, but they don't exist. Please tell me how I can watch it!!!

    What network will this show air on Monday, January 1, 2007? I must record it and have it for life. I'd buy the dvd, but is none for sale. Please tell me how I can watch it!!! This is the best show I've ever watched!!! Great plot, great characters, great themes, great voice acting, etc, etc, etc. The only thing negative about the show is that the action scenes could have been done better, but they are still very good.
  • I loved this show!

    I loved this show! It was ahead of it's time and I honestly don't think was always for kids. In my opinion it dealt with social issues and it also showed what they characters felt as in their struggle for survival. It also sometimes showed how they dealt emotionally with some of the things they did, on both sides, humans and neos; because some the neo scientists did not always believe what they did was the right thing to do. It showed such emotions as greed, sadness, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. It showed what it was like to human, whether you were or not.
  • A great action packed showw

    This show was great. It had a military team fighting in space against the neos that they created. I loved how it had so much action it it and still would have an enjoyable great plot. Even the characters were fun to watch they were so entertaining. I really loved this show. I was so upset when it did not come back.. But i knew it was too good to last. It was a show you had to follow ans many kids out there were to dumb to follow and understand it.
  • I had all the toys. love this show.

    this was a tight ass show. loved it. i had all of the toys, used to play with the niegh bor kids alll the timme. I would com ehome from school and play all day.gfsdg vxcvc cvc cxc xx cxc xcxcx xcx cxc xc xcxcx cx cx cxxcx cx cx
  • This show was just flat out awesome.

    This show was just flat out awesome. It combined action with humor. This was a personal favorite for me when I was growing up. I went out and bought as many of the action figures as I could. I woke up extremely early to be able to watch this show.
  • One of the best animated series I ever saw. This one is right up there with THE ORIGINAL X-men animated series from Saturday mornings on Fox. This show had a great story, characters, voice acting, action, style to the animation and ongoing story that ke

    What a great show! The music, the story, the art, the characters the voice talents. This show was awesome! Everything came together the way things do in only the best animated shows. This one, a sci-fi / action type. Never saw another like it. What can I say. I cared about the characters and what was going to happen next. I wanted to see the humans liberate earth from neosapien control - all of that! Loved the different groups interacting and the evolution of their relationships through the series. The Pirate clans, Simbaca, the traitor within, the Neosapiens, Marsala, Able Squad, J.T. Marsch, the Admiral, the jerk of a Captain, the way the story unfolds and the pieces come together. It was beautiful crafted and brillaint. The e-frames, the graph shield... all that stuff.
    I've even paid some good money to get a good chunk of the episodes on video. But what I'm really dying to see is this series in it's entirety on DVD. I've got the money if you've got the time Universal. Bring it on! (Bytheway, I'm NOT ALONE!!! - Who is the genuis that decided to take this show off the air, anyway? "Oops. Somebody just got fired." :)

    Help bring this to DVD by voting for it's release on www.TVSHOWSONDVD.com

    This is a way we can show Univseral that there is a significant audience interested in seeing the series released on DVD in it's entirety.

    Also, send cordial and to the point e-mails requesting that here:


    Join the underground of the resistance and liberate Exosquad from the cartoon archives of Universal.
  • Exosuad rocks!! They need to re-release it!! I was always a Nara and Marsala fan... :)

    Exosquad was a fantastic show - I have been enjoying it since it first aired back when I was in middle school and though I may be going to medical school now, I still enjoy watching my tapes, even if they are beginning to wear out :( The characters had as much depth to them as did the plots in the series. I hope Universal decides to bring them out on DVD. :)
  • Essentially an animated childrens show banking off the success of shows like gundam, featuring episodes that carry off from one another, and somewhat mature themes and dialogue (at times), this futuristic demise of mankind is a favorite in my book

    One of the only shows of my childhood in which I actually felt was worthwhile, Exosquad, with its amazing action figures, and ongoing plotline and somewhat mature and not entirely child oriented story, made me like and appreciate this show. I think this show was unappreciated by children who expected idiotic and retarded programming like power rangers... unable to see past the fact that this show was ahead of all of them...
  • this show is one of the best ever. its one from the past that was great.

    I love this show. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life. JT MARSH for life.