Exosquad - Season 1

USA (ended 1995)


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Episode Guide

  • Able Squad escapes from the brood chamber with Phaeton as a hostage (a useless one, since Typhonus wouldn't mind him dead). Once outside Phaeton tries to resist and is shot, he then falls down the mountainside. Able Squad climbs up the mountain so they can destroy the brood chamber. They then realize they can accomplish this by flooding it with magma. Phaeton returns to try to stop them, but J.T. defeats him in an e-frame battle. The mountain then explodes, and Weston and Takagi arrive just in time to pick up their fellow squad members. The episode ends with a preview for next season with Marsh and Typhonus each receiving missions from their leaders.moreless
  • The remnants of the ExoFleet escape and, once he has put down the mutiny, Admiral Winfield has the fleet set course for a return to Io. Marsala is taken to Phaeton, who is hesitant to believe that Marsala has changed sides. Marsala captures the rest of Able Squad, and Phaeton has Marsala conduct a brain scan of Marsh to determine if his defection is deception. When Marsala is given the opportunity to execute his fellow squad members he makes an impassioned speech regarding the plight of the Neo sapiens, but then turns against Phaeton. The rest of Able Squad rushes the guards and they take control of their location. At the end, Typhonus is sending troops to the area, giving orders to shoot to kill.moreless
  • Able Squad continues to flee from Neo sapien e-frames on Mars, and eventually they find shelter in a cave. Captain Marcus orders the ExoFleet to set a course for Earth, so that they can liberate it. Phaeton knows that the ExoFleet cannot withstand the Neos combined strength, and so he orders the Mars Fleet to Earth to assist (which results in the Neo frames halting their pusuit of Able Squad). The fleets engage near Earth, and the Neo sapiens are clearly victorious, inflicting devastating losses on the ExoFleet, whose few remaining ships attempt a withdrawal. The only Neo losses occurs when Marcus destroys the Resolute in the vicinity of many Neo capital ships, which are also destroyed. While covertly searching the Neo sapien complex, Alec and Marsala find thousands of brood chambers. The episode ends with Marsala sounding an alarm which brings Neo guards (who capture the two), demanding to see Phaeton, and declaring that he will save his people.moreless
  • Captain Marcus is angered by Admiral Winfield's decision to not attempt to liberate Earth, which he perceives as cowardice. After sending Able Squad (minus Weston and Takagi) on a secret mission to Mars as a way of getting rid of Marsh and other Winfield supporters, Marcus mutinies with the support of at least one other captain and most of the Resolute's security forces. The mutiny succeeds, with Winfield and his supporters (including Weston and Takagi) being locked in the brig. Able Squad reaches Mars, and the episode ends with them fleeing pursuing Neo e-frames.moreless
  • 11/13/93
    Nara Burns finds her brother James, who is attempting to trade Marsh, DeLeon, and Marsala to the Neos for food. Nara's pleas convince him to not carry out the deal, and the Neos (who never had any intention of fulfilling the bargain) attack. The mission to capture the GRAF shield's creator ends in success, as Professor Algernon is acquired. Before leaving, Algernon sabotages the GRAF operating software, which causes the destruction of the Neo sapien Venus Fleet.moreless
  • 11/6/93
    Marsala saves the container full of exiles, which also contained Marsh and DeLeon, from falling into the sun. They crash land on Venus. Elsewhere on Venus, the remainder of Able Squad searches for Lt. Burns, who has gone back to her home and learned that her parents were killed. Neo e-frames attack Marsh, Alec, and Marsala, who are saved by resistance fighters. Once taken back to the resistance camp, James Burns contacts the Neos, offering to trade the three exotroopers for three months of food.moreless
  • 10/30/93
    After hijacking a transmitter to warn Exofleet about the Venus Grav Shield, JT, Alec and Marsala try to get off Earth by sneaking aboard a prison transport. The rest of Able Squad is sent to Venus to locate the shield projector installations.
  • 10/23/93
    After 1 year in the brig for insubordination, Able Squad is back in action. Marsh, Marsala and Deleon get the first mission - to return to Earth and disable the newly built planetary defense shield with the help of the Earth resistance. But when they're ambushed at the rendezvous point, people start suspecting there's a traitor in their midst.moreless
  • 10/16/93
    The members of Able Squad prevent Marsh's guards from taking him to his execution. They launch, and Marsh leads an e-frame assault on the Neo flagship, which gives the ExoFleet the opportunity to escape. Able Squad was left behind, and they land on Earth, near Chicago. The ExoFleet is badly damaged in its engagement with the Neo sapiens, and is forced to withdraw from the inner solar system. Phaeton begins to tighten his grip on the Homeworlds through programs such as the required registration of natural-born humans. In an attempt to recruit new resistance members, while also allowing Able Squad to return to the ExoFleet, Napier broadcasts a message that is well received by Terrans, but outrages Phaeton. Able Squad escapes, but leaves their e-frames for the resistance to use.moreless
  • The Exofleet races back from to Earth from Saturn, hoping to return in time to stop the Neo-Sapien attack. Marsh gets charged with mutiny when he disagrees with Captain Marcus' decision to split the fleet, sending the fastest ships ahead of the rest. Napier escapes from a work camp and tries to organize a small resistance cell.moreless
  • Getting hammered by the pirate base's defenses, the Exofleet sends down Able Squad to take them out. The Martian finance minister discovers someone has been taking massive funds from the Neo-Sapian treasury.
  • In a fleet engagement, the ExoFleet emerges victorious over the Pirate forces. On Earth, Sean Napier prevents the assassination of Phaeton, but is kicked off the police force for refusing to accept Phaeton's congratulations. The ExoFleet prepares to attack the Pirate base on Enceladus.
  • A Pirate attack, led by Simbacca, which results in lives lost, finally prompts the Homeworlds Congress to do something about the Pirate threat. A task force, consisting of most of the ExoFleet, is assembled with its mission set as the destruction of Pirate bases on the moons of Saturn. It sets course, but is intercepted by the Pirates, who spring a trap on them.moreless