Season 2 Episode 33

The Art of War

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 01, 2007 on USA

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  • Runaway Train

    This is another episode I really like, I'll admit I have a knack sometimes for constant motion action. This episode is sort of similar to action films like "Runaway Train", "Sourcerer", and "Speed" which all had to do with the protagonists in moving vehicles and forced to go at constant motion and they can't afford to make a mistake, one mistake is fatal.

    Other than the good suspenseful action, I felt what really made the episode stood out is the chemestry between Eve Hanley and Wolf Bronsky. To me both of them are my second favorate couple in the show. Wolf was always the most unlikely person you would think would get a girl, and you would never think a person like Eve would have an attraction to him but as a saying goes opposites attract. I did like the interaction between the two both are different, Eve is a character that seems out of Wolf's legue she's beautiful (may'be even slightly younger than Wolf I'm not sure about the age range) and an intelectual which Wolf isn't (or so it seems). But there is some similarity, like one little moment we see Eve asks for a cholate bar and Wolf is happy to give her one. So just like him even she likes choclate. And what I love is I really can emphasize with the romance with the two, Wolf is an underdog that probably thought at first no way she would be interested in me but he gave it a shot and he hit. And girls like Eve don't want to love/like guys solely on looks alone but actually what their are inside which is what's the most important.

    I really love we do see Wolf exercise intelegence, her really is a smart guy. Some have mistaked him for being not so bright, but no he is just reckless sometimes thats all. We see him actually using his experence he use to have driving trains that his dad taught him as well has come up with a plan to preserve the art and destroy the Neo base.

    But most of all I love his reason for it and that was to simply make Eve happy. He knows she is fond of art and how important it is to her and like any good boyfriend he does whatever is in his ability to make her happy. And we see in the end not just did Wolf save the art but won Eve's heart as well.
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