Season 2 Episode 20

The Dream War

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 01, 2007 on USA

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  • Swept Away

    This might not have been the best episode but I really liked it because it was the time when both favorate characters of mine Alec and Maggie both got together romatically. There is a typical Exo Squad subplot where dramatic changes are being made. But it's really not that important in this episode, what we pay attention to the most is the time and interplay between Alec and Maggie, both of them are sort of in a "Swept Away" like sittuation where it's about two people of the opposite sex and opposite professonally and personally are both stranded on a island together. Both are indeed opposites because Alec has been sort of a brainy guy has a little trouble with emotion sometimes. Maggie though was always a bit on the aggressive side of things and can express emotion well. After a battle of course both of them have to work together to survive. From surviving the desert heat to evading Neo Lizzards hunting them down. I really love the interactions scenes between them, we do see some sexual tention between the two I like how Maggie is at time excersising flertation toward Alec, Alec of coruse we see is a bit shy but does share feelings for her just has trouble expressing them. There was even some of that dream time segment which made both characters discover a little more about each other.
    We even see that degree of concern Maggie exersises when Alec risks his life to save both the villagers and her from those nasty Neo Lizzards and of course does hug him to Alec's supprise that tells you something.

    But I'll admit another truth, Alec has always been my second favorate character because he was that classic underdog that of course gets the girl at the end. What can I say, Alec and Maggie really do make a great couple.
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