Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 01, 2007 on USA

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  • This episode is not only character driven, it is revealing, dramatic, well written, and a tearjerker.

    *Spoilers ahead. Do not read if you have not seen this episode! It WILL ruin the experience if you have not seen it yet!*

    This episode has one of the most emotional scenes in the series. James Burns, the leader of the Venus rebel forces, who despite having negative sentiment toward neosapiens, sacrifices his life to save his sister's co-pilot, Marsala, to fulfill his promise to her that he would return with him to safety. In this episode, one of the more extremist rebel fighters named Kruger and his gang take drastic actions to "purify" Venus of all neosapiens including those who loyally serve the exo-fleet by kidnapping Marsala and sending the exo-fleet an ultimatum (hence the episode title). James and Kruger have been fighting together for a long time and tries to use his relationship and influence to free Marsala. When he realizes that Kruger won't budge, he pretends to join with them only to sneak in when the opportunity arises and sneak out with him. All does not go according to plan as Kruger had already suspected James had gone soft for the neos.

    A battle ensues when they are attacked ironically by the recently formed neo rebel forces since Venus was taken back by the terrans. During the battle, James takes a fatal wound while in the two-seater exo-fighter but he stays just conscious enough to carry the unconcious Marsala away from the battle. James takes Marsala to the old snake tree where he had promised his sister, Nara, where they would meet and watch the Venusian sunrise together. Nara, spotting James from the air as Able Squad arrives on the scene, chases James on foot to the tree. James sets down Marsala and collapses nearby and Nara arrives too late to save him. Marsala wakes up to find Nara crying and James passed away and here you see one of the most emotional scenes in the whole series and that is Marsala crying. Up until now, we have seen Marsala struggling to understand humans and their logic and emotions being seemingly incapable of feeling emotions themselves. But you see here that the misconception that neos don't have feelings is proven wrong. Unfortunately, James was unable to complete his promise, though he had returned Marsala back to safety, he himself paid the ultimate price and they are unable to watch the Venusian sunrise, they being the three of them together.